Yousef Awad

Name: Yousef Awad
Affiliations: Magisters (Technical Director)

Appearance: Yousef is a thin arabic man, with dark hair and large eyes. He often has tousled hair and grease stains under his fingernails, and usually wears heavy work clothes rather than more casual wear. When he does go casual, he prefers t-shirts with ironic slogans on them.

Background: Yousef’s background has not been explored. He is an SEA support agent assigned to the Magisters by Director Lee.

Personality: Yousef tends to be gregarious but nervous, speaking quickly and wandering from subject to subject. He is uncomfortable being the focus of attention, preferring to stay in the background whenever possible. He is also prone to freezing up in stressful social situations, defaulting to bland statements that don’t reveal much.

Powers: In addition to his scientific expertise, Yousef is a pseuoroboticist, able to create electronic devices that push the boundaries of (and occasionally actively shatter) the laws of physics. He is not a particularly powerful one, but his devices are particularly reliable when used by others, making him an ideal support technician. He is also experimenting with mingling magical and scientific traditions, something that he doesn’t have much experience with yet.

Yousef has basically no field experience, and although he has passed his basic training as an SEA agent, he’s not particularly useful in a fight, even with his devices.

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