Vital Statistics

Real Name: Chuck Brooklyn
Origin: Bonded with alien warsuit
Date of Birth: February 12th, 1951

Powers: One-man killing machine.
First Appearance: Echoes Long Forgotten, Part One


Before Vietnam, Chuck Brooklyn was probably a decent person. Or maybe not - maybe he was always a bully who liked to see people get hurt. It's difficult to say, since there aren't many people alive who knew him back then. He was quiet, kept to himself, but he was a patriot and he wanted to get into the war before it ended. He faked his age, got in Vietnam just in time for the Tet offensive. The Viet Kong had managed to hire a squad of Yocanu supersoldiers to take their side, and they flattened the superhumans that were supposed to be guarding the American troops before sweeping over the region. By chance more than anything else, Chuck happened to be one of the only survivors of one of those fights, a fight in which a yocanu warrior took an unlucky shot and plowed into the ground. The American soldier tried to recover the alien warsuit, and, its systems damaged by the fall, it mistook him for its rightful pilot. Not long afterwards, Chuck Brooklyn was gone and the superhuman Warzone was born, an amalgam of Yocanu and Human knowledge and desires, a bloodthirsty mercenary, thoroughly disillusioned of any patriotism he once had.

In the 1970s, Warzone was a founding member of the Fear Force, a team of six supervillains that also included Clockwork, Laughingstock, and Bad Penny. The Fear Force engaged frequently in battle with prominent superheroes of the day, including Dudeman and the Justicars, occasionally changing members due to injury, death, or retirement. Ultimately, they disbanded after the events of New York, and Warzone left the First World to sell his services to nations that were late to join the Accords. As country after country signed on, his field of operations gradually shrank, and when his old friend Clockwork called him up for a new plan with the Oligarchs, he happily accepted.


Cold and ruthless, Warzone has long since balanced his human and yocanu parts, and found the best of each. His suit has been upgraded several times with the best weapons and defensive systems available to a half-dozen species, and he uses it to brutal effect. He inspires fanatical loyalty in his soldiers, who have seen his unyielding if mercenary code of honour, and he matches it with a very subtle and dry sense of humour that many people fail to recognize.

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