Tony The Tendril Monster

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Tony
Origin: Botched Malefico Experiment
Date of Birth: 2005

Powers: Thousands of yellow tentacles that can stretch for miles from his core body.
First Mention: #178 - Tony's A Whole Story Unto Itself


Created by Doctor Ecchs, Tony was a much smaller tendril monster when it decided it didn't like fighting. Lucky helped it apply for Benign Entity Status, at which point it went to sleep in the Patchwork City harbour. These days, it is only semi-conscious most of the time.


Tony is only borderline-sentient, able to communicate simple concepts with some effort, and prone to animal reactions to situations where it is hurt or afraid. It mainly eats garbage, and has reduced Patchwork City's landfill needs by 40% while keeping the harbour clean. It is generally very happy with its life, and willing to play games of catch and the like with those locals who know it is there (fairly few, since most people never see it and thus don't believe it really exists).

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