Vital Statistics

Real Name: Amber Phyllis Smith
Origin: Natural Super
Date of Birth: November 3rd, 1978

Powers: Temporal manipulation, leading to apparant super-speed and agility. Can be extended to others with difficulty.
First Appearance: #1 - A Warm Welcome


Amber was adopted; she and her twin sister Nina were raised by Eric and Janice Smith, and did not know who their birth parents were. Amber always wanted to be a hero growing up, and her early life was peppered with researching famous heroines, joining heroine fan clubs, and spending most of her early life trying to become a heroine - a desire that was only magnified when she developed her powers as a teenager. Unlike most people, Amber's desires stuck, and she graduated from the Superior Champion Academy with top marks.


Amber is the firm leader of the team; although she has a sense of humour, she prefers a straightforward approach to situations; although she cracks wise in the face of danger, her heart is rarely in it. Her sense of humour tends towards pranks, and she can get angry fairly easily.


  • Timebender absolutely hates flying.
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