The Witch Doctor

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Jason Wydemere
Origin: Advanced Mystical Training
Position: Diabolico CEO-in-exile
Date of Birth: September 24th, 1972

Powers: Advanced forms of dark wizardry.
First Appearance: #97 - Cue Dramatic Music


The Witch Doctor is a go-getter. A member of lower British nobility, he is absolutely dedicated to the craft of world domination. This dedication helps to cover for a general lack of talent. This lack of talent is complicated by the fact that the Witch Doctor keeps trying to start his regime with the defeat of Dr. Ecchs, who crushes him increasingly badly in every conflict.

Once, the Witch Doctor controlled a small multi-national corporation, Diabolico. However, it was bought out by Malefico at the end of a scheme of the WD's that went badly wrong. Now, the Doctor has joined the Oligarchs in their bid for power.


The Witch Doctor is arrogant and blustery, prone to exaggerated vengeance and grandiose statements. He is also a big fan of keeping his work within themes. Primarily zombie-based themes.


  • Graduated from the same school as Doctor Ecchs, with a 3.8 GPA and a doctorate in Dark Witchcraft.
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