The All American Man

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Tom Tamberson
Origin: Natural Super
Position: Leader of the Justicars
Date of Birth: January 1st, 1948

Powers: Incredible super-strength, nigh-on invunerability, flight, energy projection, super-speed, magical resistance, aura of leadership.
First Appearance: #40 - End Of An Era


Generally considered to be the most powerful super in history, the All-American Man is a legend. A staple of the superhero community from his childhood years, he founded the Justicars in 1969, just in time to save the moon landing from an attack by angry Throx aliens that were planning on using the moon as a launching pad for the invasion of Earth. Over the next twelve years, he led the Justicars to fame as the greatest superhero team since the League of Adventurers.

Tom was one of the only two survivors of the New York tragedy; the experience finally pushed him over the edge. If you ask the man he became, he will tell you that the All-American Man died with New York. He vanished from the public eye not long afterwards.


Tom was righteous, a bit preachy, and absolutely dedicated to his friends and the people of the world. His powers developed young, and he grew up knowing that he would have to live his life for others instead of himself. He defined himself entirely through his nature as the All-American Man, and was notorious with his friends for his inability to cope with, or even deal with, failure or personal weakness - an irony, given his unending acceptance of the weakness of others and willingness to forgive anyone their sins.

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