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  • Time travel is totally possible! Jack Tracey says that he visited the year 2300, and brought back all sorts of things. The United States government uses him for all sorts of time travel predictions, and they used his time machine to make sure that the Union won the civil war. — LostInMiami
    • That's stupid and you're stupid for thinking it. Jack Tracey is a fraud; he's just a low-grade psychic with access to some pseudotech. If he could really travel through time, why wouldn't he demonstrate it before a panel of experts? Any references to time travel as a reputable subject will continue to be removed. — Gaudo
  • Maybe we should consider changing the page to give equal time to the "possible" and "not possible" theories. After all, there are reputable scientists working on time travel right now. — DamascusStole
  • I'm going to create a Time Travel Controversy page if I ever get off from work. That should solve the whole problem. Leave the "neutrality dispute" tag up until we hear from Gaudo on the proposed changes. — Bookwyrm
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