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Alpha Team

  • Should we really have a section within Narrative Law for Alpha Team theory? I know that it's technically related, but it's not a proven aspect of narrative law, and quite frankly the page is bloated enough without it. — Bookwyrm
  • Have to agree with you. I'm setting up an Alpha Team page, and creating a "see also" at the bottom of this one. On that note, maybe we should have an expanded entry for the history of narrative law; it's a little sparse. — JumpingJackFlash
  • You'll have to do it yourself, I'm swamped. But if you have more on that, go for it - just give it a subpage — Bookwyrm
  • Hey, I can't access the Alpha Team page! What gives! — Deuteronomy20:6
  • Someone seems to have gone through and deleted it. I'll go find it in our backup when I have some free time. — Bookwyrm

The Doyi

  • Nothing here about the fact that the Doyi created narrative law? — Thimbleweed91
  • There's nothing to suggest that this might be true, for one thing. You can't create natural laws. The concept is listed in the Doyi article, which is the only place it needs to be. — JumpingJackFlash


  • So, some jackass keeps coming through here and changing the article to say that Narrative Law is a theory created by atheists to attack God. I'm locking the page for the forseeable future. If you want to make changes, send me a PM. — Gaudo
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