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Page Creation

  • So, this ran a little over. Sorry if ten thousand words is too much, but I got carried away with the research. — JumpingJackFlash
  • No prob – very insightful! — Deuteronomy20:6

Page Restoration

  • The original article was deleted in a server crash. JumpingJackFlash, could you re-upload from your home computer? I don't have most of your references. — Bookwyrm
  • Sorry, Bookwyrm. I lost the original file weeks ago when I dropped my laptop down the stairs by mistake. I've thrown up a temporary one, but I don't have time for the full research. — JumpingJackFlash
  • Crap. The backups are gone, too. Man, it's like narrative law doesn't want to talk about this. Oh, well, the short form will do just fine. — Bookwyrm
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