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The Superhuman Enforcement Agency: (1983 - Present) The Superhuman Enforcement Agency (SEA) is an American law enforcement organization, operating alongside the FBI and the NSA, whose purpose is to regulate, enforce, and monitor all superhumans currently living within the country. As a side effect, it also organizes superhuman response to national or international disasters, invasions, and similar events.


The SEA was founded in 1983, during the restructuring of superhuman affairs, from the previous agency that had overseen the issue, the Department of Metaphysical Observation. The DMO, which had been based in Manhatten, was devastated by the New York Disaster, and was disbanded both due to this and due to its failure to prevent the previous disaster. In its place, the United States government chose to draw together several former superheroes and supervillains, tasking them with acting as watchdogs over their companions and ensuring that New York never happened again. Many were suspicious of including former villains in the SEA, but they were mandated under the terms of the New York Accords.

Early on, the SEA's work mainly fell into the category of informing supers of the new rules, setting up posts across the country to react to any villains that chose to go rogue, and dealing with the magical disasters, alien invasions, and similar events that simply were not covered by the Accords. Most of its agents failed to consider the possibility of a threat from another direction, and were subsequently very nearly caught off-guard when, in 1988, the Antiheroes declared their manifesto and attempted to conquer the city of New York, intending to raise their banner in the ruins of Manhatten and ride out across the nation.

The battle against Judgment and the Antiheroes was the first major test of the Agency. Fortunately, several of the former villains in the SEA were less blinded by trust for their former allies, and were able to warn the government of the attack before it occurred. A coalition of SEA agents, heroes, and villains mobilized to battle against the Antiheroes, and after a prolonged engagement, were successful in driving off Judgment and capturing many of his allies.

Over the next twenty years, the SEA continued its war against the Antiheroes, while trying to round up remaining rogue villains and monitor existing heroes and villains for signs of conversion. By 2008, their job was fairly focused - only a few teams of major villains remained at large, the most notable being Rex Mundi, and the growing threat of the Antiheroes consumed much of their attention. Events came to a head during the Battle of Patchwork City, when the Antiheroes finally made a second attempt to begin taking back the nation. The SEA responded in force, and the Antiheroes were shattered - Judgment was slain, most of his lieutenants died or were captured, and his forces fled in disarray. Unfortunately, the battle left the SEA devastated as well, with nearly half of its agents killed or badly injured. It has yet to fully recover from this disaster.


The SEA is organized by branch, with twenty-five branches across the United States, each covering an area of between ten and fifteen million people. Branch locations can move from time to time, as a given town or city becomes a focus for trouble, but general area coverage remains the same. In addition, a head office is located in Washington, D.C., and is home to the SEA's Team Prime, led by the director himself, Dudeman.

Each branch office receives its orders from headquarters, and is made up of both field agents and support personnel. Currently, the SEA contains slightly over one hundred and fifty field agents, roughly half of whom are superhumans and the rest of which are highly trained normals. A typical branch office has anywhere from four to eight agents, half of whom are powered - at any given time, half of them may be on permanent deployment to trouble areas, while the rest are floating agents. A branch office usually also has around fifty support personnel, not counting basic staff such as cleaners or data entry clerks. These personnel cover intelligence gathering, archiving, medical and engineering needs, and similar issues, and are very rarely powered - only the head office contains powered support personnel (although some field agents double as support personnel when needed).

The SEA's official seal is a heraldic shield, with a six-pointed sunburst on a light blue background.


The SEA is often criticized for its secretive nature, as it tends to label many superhuman issues as matters of national security, and thus classified information. Accuastions range from threats that the public was never properly warned of, through claims that the SEA has pardoned criminals in exchange for assistance fighting the Antiheroes (or vice versa, letting Antiheroes run free in order to fight rogue villains), and go so far as to state that the SEA has connections with alien races and superhumans that it does not see fit to include the United States in. Of particular concern to many are the repeated instances in the past when the SEA has allied with the notorious villain Rex Mundi, one of the greatest threats to peace in the modern era, in order to fight off the Antihero threat. Currently, there is no mechanism in place to prosecute the SEA for these actions - they are the final authority on superhuman affairs, unless such affairs can be proven to be violating the Accords.

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