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In a world of superheroes and villains, aliens and robots, and so much weirdness that the average citizen can barely distinguish between fact and fantasy, there are nonetheless beings that fall outside the norm. Creatures and objects that seem to ignore the rules of rationality and physics, instead following their own strange internal logic and narrative. But everything has rules, and everything follows laws.

The Magisters are the Superhuman Enforcement Agency's magical front line against supernatural villains and relics, beings that refuse to adhere to normal narrative rules. Disciplined, skilled, and just a tiny bit insane, they are the United States' first line of defense against magical foes. They are focused. They are trained. They are in trouble.


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The Serial

This site is the home of the Patchwork Champions: Magisters serial stories, which update twice a week on Monday and Friday. It falls somewhere between comedy and drama, a tale of a world where superheroes and villains are regulated, and magic leaks through the cracks of an already-strange society.

The Archives - Your main stop, this is where all of the old serials, as well as a link to the comic that predates this serial adventure, are stored.
The Forum - Having read through things, why not come on down and talk about them?

Canonical Information

These links are creator-designed, and meant to provide information about the setting from the creator.

Cast - A listing of characters both major and minor (will contain spoilers).
The Encyclopedia Superium - The glossary of fun terms and facts about the setting. Updates at basically random intervals.

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