Vital Statistics

Real Name: Igor Spytensky
Date of Birth: February 13th, 1975

First Appearance: #28 - Evil Rests Occasionally


Spygor is Dr. Ecchs's spy in the mayor's office. Somehow, the mayor has yet to figure this out. Or possibly he figured it out a long time ago and just doesn't give a hoot. Either way, Spygor has been working in the mayor's office for several years, feeding information on what goes on back to Malefico. He hopes to be upgraded to true minion some day.


Spygor is, properly enough, a highly secretive person who doesn't let most people get close to him. He speaks with a slight lisp, secretly auditions for every adaptation of Frankenstein made, and knits tea cosies as a hobby, which he sells at Church bazaars.

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