Vital Statistics

Real Name: Clarisse Jennings
Origin: Natural Super
Position: Superhero, Justicar
Date of Birth: July 7th, 1959

Powers: Super-speed, super-flight
First Appearance: #164 - Where The Cryptic Never Ends


Clarisse Jennings was part of a long line of superheroes; her mother was a leader in the Magellan Advance of 1943, and she herself was trained to be a hero even as a child. She always knew that she would have to fight for others, instead of for herself. She joined the Justicars, becoming one of the world's premiere superheroes, and she fell in love with a fellow hero, Knightshine.

And then problems developed, because Knightshine was thinking ahead, and talking about retiring one day. And Clarisse felt that her duty was to stay a hero until she wasn't physically capable. Their relationship crumbled until, in a moment of weakness, she slept with another teammate. She became pregnant, and gave up the children for adoption. This ended the relationship with Knightshine, who left her and the Justicars. Skyscraper remained in New York, and died when it was destroyed.

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