Vital Statistics

Real Name: Ralph Hammond
Origin: Industrial-level criminal accident
Date of Birth: December 21st, 1977
Position: Registered Supervillain

Powers: Can create a psionic focusing device that emits a beam that converts inorganic matter into explosive energy.
First Appearance: #345 - Welcome Back, Lucky


One of the standard villains of Milwaukee, Skulldozer was a low-level gang thug working for a more important local villain when he was accidentally hit by seventeen different types of rare energies at once. The result transformed him into a nearly unstoppable brute, and gave him chalky skin and burned off all of his hair. He occasionally regrets the tradeoff.


Skulldozer likes to yell out snappy one-liners, but he isn't very bright, so they all come off sounding a bit stupid. He barges into situations, breaks things, and generally behaves like an asshole.

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