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The following summarizes the stories of the comic format of Patchwork Champions. Important details will be noted, so pay attention!


Storyline #1 - Lights, Camera, Action! (January 1-24, 2006)

The series opens with a straightforwards, relatively short romp; Timebender and Lucky Lad invade the dark corporate tower of Malefico in order to prevent Doctor Ecchs from using his Subatomic Transpolarizer to hold the city to ransom. After a battle with Dr. Ecchs, Nightshade, and Phil, they are successful, destroying the Transpolarizer and the lab it was in.

Storyline #2 - Hiring Time (January 24 - February 24)

Having defeated Dr Ecchs yet again, Amber and Lucky decide they need to hire a few teammates, and blackmail the mayor into giving them a bigger budget by threatening to hire Overkill, a notoriously bad hero. After a round of interviews with increasingly dubious heroes, including Josh (a man with no training or powers whatsoever) and Dr Ecchs himself in a very bad disguise, they find one qualified candidate - Handyman, who claims that his amazing power to construct anything out of duct tape is perfectly natural. Also, it turns out Dr Ecchs has a spy in the mayor's office - the aptly-named Spygor.

Storyline #3 - Excessive Application Of Lasers (February 27 - March 30th)

With Malefico's profits in the tank again, Dr Ecchs hatches an evil plan to either hold the city to ransom or get paid to have the Champions demolish some buildings for him. The Champions respond, and a battle breaks out as usual. In the middle, Ecchs explains the reason that heroes and villains are registered to Phil - the New York Disaster, a battle between superhumans in the early 80s that spiralled out of control, destroyed the city of New York, and killed the entire population of Manhattan as well as all but two of the superhumans involved - the only survivors being the hero All-American Man and the villain Psiborg. After his story finishes, the Champions are successful once again, destroying the building - but Ecchs does get his money for the demolitions, so it's win-win.

Storyline #4 - Family Matters (March 31st - April 24th)

Dr Ecchs begins an April tradition by flipping out, renaming himself the Baron Von Ecchs, and launching an army of Robotosoldats at the city. As the battle starts in earnest, it is interrupted by Mrs. Smith, the mother of Amber and Nina (aka Nightshade). She drags her daughters off to a family dinner, leaving Lucky and Jim to handle the robots, with Ecchs short one minion for the night.

The dinner is awkward; it becomes clear that Eric Smith disapproves of both of his daughters' jobs. He has reasons, but doesn't seem to want to share. Back at the fight, Dr. Ecchs recovers in record time, cheered up by seeing Timebender and Nightshade annoyed, and he calls off the invasion with his robots ruined.

Storyline #5 - Power To The People (April 25th - June 19th)

A group of people steal old power armour from the Malefico archives. Naming themselves Dragonfly, Blackfly, Firefly and Mayfly, they begin robbing banks. The Champions respond, but have only middling success in stopping the robberies. Meanwhile, the robbers have their own problems; their original plan had been to sell the suits to another supervillain, and Mayfly gets into a string of fights with Firefly and Dragonfly because they changed the plan on her. Storming out, she meets with Lucky, who convinces her that she shouldn't go along with the plan just because she's in love with Dragonfly. She returns to the gang, and lays down an ultimatum, just as they make plans to attack the Aerial Gold Reserve. She is promptly tied up and left behind.

At the Reserve, the Champions have laid a trap for the robbers, and capture two of them. As Dragonfly flees, he encounters Mayfly, who got loose and came after him. Furious, she defeats him before turning herself in to the police. The judge commutes her sentence, handing her over to the Champions as a 'community service' member and charging them with making sure she doesn't violate the terms of her commuting. Finally, it is revealed that the plan to steal the suits was engineered by Dr Ecch's old lab partner and fellow supervillain, the revenge-minded Witch Doctor.

Storyline #6 - A Town By Any Other Name (June 20 - July 14)

It is discovered that the city, through an administrative oversight, has no name. The mayor offers a brilliant solution - a naming contest! Dr Ecchs, of course, promptly attempts to sabotage the contest, secretly submitting a name and arranging for it to nearly win, and copywriting it. His plan is foiled, and the city is officially named Patchwork City, in honour of the Patchwork Champions. Also, Nadia attempts to learn Jim's backstory, but is seriously foiled.

Storyline #7 - The Science Of Love (July 18 - August 19)

A zombie supervillain called Rigor Mozart attacks the city, and the Champions respond. It turns out that the zombie is not from Malefico; it was made by a woman named Dr. Ada Byron. Dr Ecchs and Dr Byron quickly fall in love, and go out on several dates. Then she drugs him and steals all of his archive projects - it turns out that she is the Vice President of Diabolico, the corporation run by the Witch Doctor. Dr Ecchs outmaneuvers the Witch Doctor, destroying the archival material and all of Diabolico's trucks. He keeps dating Ada as well; they are both pretty blase about their positions in rival corporations, and Ecchs admits that the betrayal just makes him love her more.

Storyline #8 - Antihero (August 21 - October 17)

President Hansen comes to the city for Septemberfest, and the Champions work alongside Dudeman, his presidential bodyguard, to guard him. And it's a good thing, too. Lockdown, a member of an organization of rogue superheroes called the Antiheroes, comes to kill the President as a message to the nation about the fate of all those who support supervillain legislation - the Antiheroes will do anything and kill anyone that they consider sympathetic to villainy, and are enemies of the Accords. Dudeman and Mayfly are both badly injured by Lockdown before Lucky can kill her, using one of Jim's guns.

Dudeman, seeing that the Antiheroes are on the rise again, takes up his old position as leader of the Superhuman Enforcement Agency, and warns the Champions that the Antiheroes will almost certainly return eventually; they don't take defeat well. Meanwhile Judgement, leader of the Antiheroes, discovers that Timebender is very similar to another superhuman, a woman named Skyscraper. He begins monitoring Patchwork City.

Storyline #9 - Random Acts Of Science (October 18 - November 9)

Ecchs bets Ada that he can build a robot zombie. He winds up building a ninja robot zombie tree, named Ash, which prompty escapes and hides in the city, spreading its robot ninja zombiness to hundreds of other trees along the way. Ultimately, however, Ash applies for Benign Entity Status, and ninja trees become a fixture in Patchwork City.

Storyline #10 - Hostile Takeover (November 10 - December 29)

The Witch Doctor hatches a plan to convert Nightshade to his side and buy out Malefico. Meanwhile, Lucky's father - the superhero Nightlord - comes to town on buisness, just as bubbles of alternate realities start appearing everywhere. Tracing the problem to Malefico, the Champions arrive at the same time as Diabolico does, as well as Josh, who is delivering a pizza. They corner Doctor Ecchs and demand that he turn off the machine - which he promptly does, saying he was done with it. He then uses a clause in the Witch Doctor's buyout which may not have existed before his machine activated to buy out Diabolico before it can buy him out, unseating the Witch Doctor.

Finally, Nightlord meets with Eric Smith, who reveals that he had the 'Bane' that Judgement is searching for. Eric says that he knows Judgement, and reveals that he was once a member of the superhero team known as the Justicars - a team made up of five heroes: All-American Man, Knightshine, Skyscraper, Magister, and Fixit.


Storyline #11 - All The Lonely People (January 2nd - February 6th)

With winter vacations over, Nadia tries to ask Lucky out, and fails. After a long talk with Ash the Ninja Tree, who helps bring her out of her funk, she heads home and chats with Jim. Jim mentions that personal problems on superhero teams destroyed the Justicars, which surprises Nadia, since she'd never heard that.

Jim and Nadia watch an episode of "Tales of the Justicars", a show made from the memories of Magister and Fixit before they vanished after the New York Incident. It is revealed that Skyscraper died in New York, and the other Justicars vanished shortly afterwards. Finally, they meet Moonbeam, an SEA agent who has come to the city at Dudeman's request to watch for Antihero activity.

Also, Amber goes on a date, but it doesn't work out.

Storyline #12 - Who's The Foulest Of Them All (Februray 7th - April 1)

Dr Ecchs changes reality by making Timebender have always been evil; Lucky and Mayfly don't change because they accidentally fall into a vat of the reality-altering goo that Ecchs was using, and end up in a world where evil Timebender, along with a group of rogue villains called the Oligarchs, has taken over the city. Dr Ecchs recruits them to undo his mistake, because Lucky in this world is still working for Timebender and thus the 'real' Lucky can get them into Timebender's citadel.

Inside, it turns out that Ecchs screwed up, and the evil Lucky, going under his old supervillain name Hazard, is still present. The two Luckys face off while Ecchs and Mayfly go after Timebender, and Hazard is shot by robotic lasers and falls to his apparant death. Ecchs blasts Timebender with his reality-altering gun, and everything returns to normal; only Ecchs, Lucky, and Mayfly remember the alternate world - and, secretly, Hazard, who fell into the same goo that saved Lucky and Mayfly earlier, causing him to remain in existance when reality changes.

Lucky, badly shaken by realizing how bad he could have become out of love for Amber, decides that he can't handle what he fears he's becoming, and leaves the team temporarily in order to try and figure things out.

Storyline #13 - Idiocy Squared (April 2 - May 21)

Dr Ecchs, deciding that he's just a massive screwup, renames himself Dr Idiot, and starts threatening to make the city stupid. After he is repeatedly foiled using the same plot, the hero called Overkill shows up to 'help'. Overkill wants to join the team, and Timebender, against her better judgement, agrees to give him a try. Although he is nearly successful in helping the group, he winds up almost killing Dr Ecchs and blasting a large hole through a building, and Timebender refuses to allow him on the team.

Meanwhile, Dr Idiot's uselessness results in his capture by the Champions. He goes to jail for three weeks.

Finally, Judgement secretly arrives on the scene, and recruits a disgruntled Overkill to join the Antiheroes.

Storyline #14 - Random Acts Of Science II (May 23 - July 12)

With Ecchs in jail, Nightshade attempts to run Malefico. She accidentally sets a bunch of fire-breathing wombats loose on the city, which the Champions round up with the help of Ash, then starts terrorizing it with a giant mech. The Witch Doctor returns with an army of zombie pirates, and is promptly crushed under the mech; only his advanced nano-technology saves his life.

Nadia finds out that Amber's adopted and starts investigating it. She also decides that maybe Jim's powers originate with magic, and that he is connected to Magister. She later gives up on both lines of thought.

Storyline #15 - Double Trouble (July 17 - August 24)

Hazard comes back, ready to impersonate Lucky and gain revenge by stealing Dr Ecchs' reality-altering gun and using it against Timebender. After luring Mayfly and Jim away, he goes after Amber - but Nadia realizes what's going on and warns her, then comes to stop him. She manages to convince him that he's not actually evil enough to doom the tens of thousands that would die in his original reality, because he's exactly the same as Lucky, personality-wise; only his circumstances were different. Hazard admits defeat; afterwards, it is revealed the Ecchs rigged the reality-altering gun to explode if used, so the only one in danger was Hazard himself, and only Ecchs and Mayfly knew that.

Hazard registers as an interdimensional refugee, and leaves the city to undergo counseling and training. On the way out, he reveals to Nadia that Amber's father was a superhero, and held one of the Banes - a fact that he believes to be true in both worlds, since Amber's goodness or evilness was the only thing that changed, and that happened later.

Storyline #16 - Memory Lane (August 27 - December 12)

Nadia talks to Amber, who didn't know that Eric Smith was a former superhero. She and Nightshade confront him, but all three are interrupted by Psiborg, who has come to find the location of the Bane Eric is supposed to have. He traps the three inside Eric's mind, and tries to search his memories.

It turns out that Eric was the superhero Knightshine, of the Justicars, and that he was in love with Skyscraper. She had an affair with the All-American Man, and her children are Amber and Nina. Eric adopted them when Skyscraper and All-American Man wouldn't accept them - she, because she felt that she was not capable of being a mother, and he because he was already married to another woman. Eric left the team, leaving them his suit to find a replacement Knightshine; shortly aftewards, the New York Incident occured and Skyscraper was killed. Eric also reveals that his Bane was destroyed years earlier, when the Antiheroes launched their first major attack; Judgement, the leader of the Antiheroes, was the All-American Man, and he killed Magister during the attack. He was badly weakened by the Bane, and has spent ten years healing and recovering his powers.

Psiborg panics; Eric's bane was the last one, and he doesn't think there is a force that can stop Judgement anymore. He is then knocked out by Mayfly, whose Atlantean-powered suit makes her immune to his psychic talents. The SEA arrests him, but warns Eric that the information is practically guaranteed to come out. Finally, Eric secretly meets with the archvillain called Rex Mundi, yells at him for involving his daughters, and then takes their secret weapon - a final Bane, held by Rex Mundi. Psiborg's attack was designed to convince the Antiheroes that there were no more Banes, and they could move with impunity; when they arrive, Eric intends to use the Bane to destroy Judgement.

Interlude: Wacky Adventures (December 17th to January 1st, 2008)

With things calming down, the Champions have a series of wacky adventures, forming a baseball team, fighting zombies, and generally having a much more easygoing time. During this time, Ada Byron tires of working for the Witch Doctor, and comes to work at Malefico with Dr Ecchs. Also, Psiborg is broken out of prison by Hazard, who seems to now be working for Rex Mundi.


Storyline #17 - Familiar Faces (January 7th to March 27th)

Josh comes to deliver a pizza to Malefico, gets caught in a time vortex, and winds up working as Dr Ecchs' personal assistant / intern. Meanwhile, Hazard travels to Milwaukee after being asked by both Ecchs and Rex Mundi to do so, where he meets with Lucky. He convinces Lucky that Patchwork City is in serious danger, and that Lucky needs to go back.

Storyline #18 - The Perfect Crime (March 31st to May 24th)

Dr Ecchs, in the fits of his yearly insanity, decides that he has become infalliable, and puts together a cunning plan to hold the Champions for ransom. Using his Ultiminions (mutant robot ninja zombie clones), he distracts the Champions while Nightshade and Phil steal his old power suits from the police archives. He then modifies the suits so that superhumans can benefit from them, intending to give them to Nightshade, Ada, and Josh, and add their power to that of Phil and the Ultiminions to capture the Champions. Unfortunately, someone steals the suits after he finishes the modifications, and he is once again defeated.

It turns out that the thief was Ada, who has been secretly working for Rex Mundi all along. She advises that Rex Mundi recruit Dr Ecchs, and suggests that her loyalties are divided. Finally, the Champions return home to find that Lucky has arrived. There is much rejoicing.

Cue the beginning of the serial!

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