The Perfect Plan, Part Fourteen: The Truth Will Out

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(November 25th)

“Whew.” Spencer Ecchs laughed. “That was quite the reception. I didn't know my brothers had so many speeches in them.” He sat back on the side of his bed, shaking his head and chuckling. “And your father…”

“I'm simply mortified.” Ada replied, setting her veil down on the dresser. “I had hoped that he'd forgotten that story.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I snuck a glance at the wine cabinet. He may not have forgotten, but most of the guests will.” Spencer reassured her. He looked up when his comment didn't get a reaction. “Ada? Is everything alright?”

“Ye-es.” Ada said slowly, then spoke with more conviction. “Yes. This has been the happiest day of my life, Spencer.”

Spencer stood up, frowning. “I have to say, that sounds like the sort of statement usually followed with a massive 'But'. What's wrong?”

Ada stayed where she was. “I promised you to tell you the truth. No secrets between us. I meant it.”

“Ada, honey, we're supervillians. There's nothing wrong with a few secrets if you don't want to…” Spencer started.

“I work for Rex Mundi. I'm a member of his Inner Circle.” Ada said simply.

After a moment, she glanced over her shoulder, to find Spencer chewing his lip. “Not quite the matrimonial bliss I was hoping for.” He admitted eventually.

Ada rounded on him. “That's it? That's all that you have to say?” She blinked furiously, keeping tears from her eyes. “I'm the one who stole your suits last April, Spencer. Again. You trusted me and…”

“Oh, I figured that out ages ago.” Spencer interrupted.

Ada was thrown off her stride. “Pardon?” She asked.

“Ada, dear, you are very, very good at what you do, but you're a scientist more than a spy. Your compatriots tried to cover the fact that they took the security systems down after they got inside, but they didn't cover it well enough. Since Nightshade was with me, you and Phil were the only real options, and Phil… well, let's just say the complexity of the scheme seemed to be a little bit beyond him.” Spencer smiled wryly. “To be honest, I sort of figured out the other part too, when Rex Mundi's people started showing up wearing my suits. He couldn't have known that they existed without an inside source of information – I know some people seem to think he's some sort of omniscient god, but I've never bought into that particular theory.”

“I… you…” Ada made vague fist-clenching motions with her hands. “You've known for a year and a half that I was working with a rogue supervillain? And you never said anything? You never even mentioned it?”

“Hang on a minute.” Spencer said quickly. “I thought you were worried about me being mad at you, not the other way around.”

“That was before I found out that you were just pretending not to know!” Ada yelled.

Spencer took her hands in his before she could reach for a weapon. “I figured you would tell me when it was important.” He said vaguely. “I mean, it's not like you're the only one with secrets.”

“Case in point.” Ada said, swallowing heavily. “I thought that you would be furious. I thought you might…” She broke off.

“Ada! I trust you.” Spencer kissed her gently. “Come on, sit down on the bed. It's alright. Okay, so you're basically one of the world's most wanted. It's not like you're working for the SEA.” Ada chuckled despite herself, and Spencer let a faint smile show. “I always knew you were on my side, Ada. No matter what might happen along the path. If I'd known you were that worried about this, I would have told you everything months ago. I'm sorry.” A moment later, he gave Ada a puzzled frown. “Hold on.”

“What?” Ada said.

“You just told me you work for Mundi, and now I'm apologizing. How do you do that?”

“It's a gift.” Ada laughed.

“Fair enough.” Spencer answered. “Any other secrets you need to get off your chest, or are we okay?”

“We're okay. I'm sorry to ruin the moment.”

“That's alright, it was probably as good a time as any.” Spencer admitted. He glanced away, and then sighed. “Although if you're that mad about my keeping quiet, you're really going to hit the roof when we get to my secret.” Ada blinked, and he shrugged. “What? I told you you weren't the only one with secrets.”

“You metioned it.” Ada said. “Another woman?”

“No! Why would you even say that?” Spencer asked angrily. He then saw Ada trying to stifle chuckles. “Not funny. I'm being serious here.”

“I'm sorry, Spencer. Go ahead. What's your big secret?” Ada asked.

Spencer took a deep breath. “Well, the thing is… uh… you know, maybe this can actually wait until tomorrow.”

“I won't sleep a wink.” Ada protested.

“Sleep was part of the plan?” Spencer replied. When Ada didn't laugh, he gave a deep sigh, and bit his lip again. “Okay, okay. The thing is… the reason that I knew about you? Not exactly what I claimed. Actually… I am Rex Mundi.”

He looked up. Ada was staring at him. He watched as her expression grew progressively stormier, and winced. “Should have waited until tomorrow.” He muttered to himself.

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