The Perfect Plan, Part 8: Gearing Up

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(November 4th)

“So, the parties are tonight.” Nadia said leadingly. Her chair was turned around, and she leaned on its back as she looked at Amber and Lucky expectantly.

“Mm-hm.” Lucky said without looking up from the crossword.

“So…” Nadia said again.

“So, we need to get ready.” Amber answered, glancing at her watch. “I don’t know about Lucky, but I need to be out of here in an hour.”

Nadia sighed. “Okay, look. Jhim and I have a bet going about which party is going to go down in flames first, but we don’t even know the guest lists. How many supervillains are actually here?”

“Not that many.” Amber shrugged, standing. “Seven relatives, ten friends on my side.”

“Few more on mine, but not a lot.” Lucky said with a smile. “Way more people coming to the wedding proper, of course, but we managed to claim limited seating for the parties. I’m not technically a part of it, but I’m onhand for security.”

“Oh?” Amber glanced over at that. “I don’t think you ever told me what you were planning.”

“Well, first they’re going to do a pub crawl, then we’re all going back to Malefico to build a giant rice-throwing robot for the wedding day.” Lucky said innocently. Amber and Nadia both stared at him.

“You’re getting twenty supervillains drunk, and turning them lose on Ecchs’ labs?” Nadia asked in horror.

“Sixteen supervillains, and five non-supers.” Lucky answered easily, writing in the puzzle.

“And you thought that my idea was going to cause problems.” Amber said disbelievingly.

“Yeah, that sounds a little like I shouldn’t have bet on you winning.” Nadia agreed. “How is this not going to be a disaster?”

“Well, (a) I am counting on my luck to pull me through.” Lucky pointed out. “And (b), I am not arming them.”

“Point.” Nadia acknowledged. She turned to Amber. “Counter?”

“Not bothering.” Amber shrugged, starting out of the living room. “I’m pretty confident that we’re going to be fine. We’ve got Ash covering for us, and lots and lots of disposable targets. And the alcohol comes after the shooting and mad science, instead of before.”

“That sounds like a counterpoint.” Nadia said thoughtfully.

“Well, it wasn’t. Just an observation.” Amber countered.

“An observation in the form of a counterpoint?”

“Leaving now.” Amber stepped through the door. Lucky put down his crossword, and stood up.

“Yeah, I should get ready too. Thanks for betting on me to win, though.”

“No problem. Prove me right!” Nadia said with a smile, heading for the front door. “Jhim and I are staying up all night, just in case.”

“You won’t have to, but thanks for the thought.” Lucky waved as Nadia headed out the door.

Nadia crossed the hall to her own apartment, and let herself in. Inside, Jhim was working on maintenance for his jetpack. He glanced up. “So, what do you think?”

“I think I should just give you the twenty bucks now and get it over with.” Nadia admitted.

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