The Perfect Plan, Part 2: Home Front

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“Welcome back.” Amber, sitting back on the couch, grabbed at the remote and muted the television as Blastwave walked in. “You’re going to have to come over if you want a hug, I’m bushed.”

“That bad?” Wave asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Worse.” Amber replied. “In the past week he’s launched three major operations, each of which needed us to navigate a half-dozen setup schemes. I’ve seen him put less effort into actual plans to control the city. I mean, I guess it’s sort of romantic, in a totally insane mad scientist way, but I am not getting enough sleep right now.”

“His wife is going to be a totally insane mad scientist.” Blastwave pointed out, tossing her coat on a chair and flopping down next to Amber. “Fitting.”

“Oh, yeah. Wonderful.” Amber sighed. “I can’t wait until after the wedding, when those two go on their honeymoon. Nina always fumbles things when Ecchs isn’t around.”

“Are they leaving?” Blastwave asked. “I thought they were planning on a honeymoon villainy campaign."

Amber froze. Very slowly, she turned to look at Blastwave. “What.”

“Didn’t Nadia tell you? Something about Ecchs cooking up his best zombie robot monstrosities as a wedding present, and Byron doing the same thing right back to him. Reign of terror, total city conquest plan. That sort of thing.” Blastwave was about to continue, when a snicker slipped out. Amber promptly hit her with a pillow.

“Not funny!” She shouted, as Blastwave burst out laughing. “Don’t make things up that are going to give me an ulcer. Just the thought of that… ugg. I’m already sweating about what he’s going to do at the actual wedding.”

“Do we know, yet?” Blastwave asked.

In response, Amber gestured towards the table. “Invitations arrived today. The wedding’s set for early November, and we’re both invited. I’m just assuming that supervillainy will be involved.”

“Probably a safe bet.” Blastwave eventually admitted.

“Everything else about the wedding has been. Do you know that he held the wedding planner hostage for sixteen hours?” Amber sighed heavily. “I am bone tired.”

“Then you are not going to like this.” Lucky said, sticking his head around the corner from the den. “Guess who called.”

“No.” Amber replied.

“Yep.” Lucky’s smiled was apologetic. “He’s hijacked the Septemberfest Closing Ceremonies to announce the nuptials. The mayor is demanding that we get down in the next five minutes, before Ecchs ruins our biggest city festival.”

“Dammit.” Timebender stood up heavily. “He never attacks Septemberfest.” She complained.

“First time for everything.” Lucky answered. “We’ve got to motor – Mayfly and Handyman are already on the scene.”

“Oh?” Amber asked, pulling on her gloves.

“Yeah, they were at the festival.”

“Alright, fine.” Turning to Blastwave, Amber sighed. “Raincheck?”

“Not uncommon.” Blastwave sighed in return. “I’d tag along to watch, but you don’t have the car.” She shrugged. “Penalty of having two heavy-work jobs.”

“Yeah. Be back later – feel free to stay.” Giving Blastwave a goodbye kiss, Timebender grabbed Lucky and zipped out the door. Blastwave sighed, more heavily, leaning back and turning on the volume again. After a few tries, she found the local news station.

“Well, at least I can watch you from home.” She muttered.

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