A Day In The Life, Part 2: Moonbeam

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(May 27th)

Within the darkened confines of a dockyard warehouse, five people gathered around a table, nodding to one another softly. The first spoke in a raspy voice, his eyes hooded and tired. “Good morning, Sandra. I trust you had no problems reaching here?”

“Of course not.” With a smirk, the woman facing him placed the heavy attache case by her side onto the surface of the table. “Smuggling Drendi mindworms through an active psigate was a little bit tricky, I admit, but once that was done the rest was smooth sailing.” She patted the case gently, with a warm smile. “Poor little blighters are all tuckered out right now, but we can start the operation tomorrow morning, and show the world that the Antiheroes are still a force in the nation.”

“We can't guarantee access to Malefico that quickly.” Muttered the third man.

Sandra blinked, then her voice lowered dangerously. “Why not, Joe?”

Joe met her glare head-on. “Because they never reduced their security after last year's attack. And they'll be even more on-alert next week, in the lead-up to the anniversary. The whole town's thinking about last year's fighting.” He shook his head. “We've managed to get the codes to the scanner systems, but the codes for the maintenance ducts are still locked, and we're working on Ultiminion controls right now.”

“Lovely.” Sandra looked around the circle. “Well, it would have been nice to drive the villains insane and made them attack the heroes, but we'll just have to go with hitting the Mayor's office. We need these mindworms deployed tomorrow, or else they're going to wake up and start causing trouble.” Sighing heavily, she sat down in the chair behind her. “Tom, get on the wire and tell Typhoon that we're moving to backup. Kara, I want to know the best route into the mayor's office tomorrow, and the best ten people to infect for maximum civic damage. Charles, make sure the mindworms'll be ready, and Joe, I'm good to need you to…”

“The mindworms aren't ready.” Charles spoke up tentatively from the edge of the table. He had the attache case open, and was looking into it worriedly.

“Well, obviously they're aren't now.” Sandra gritted her teeth. “They're heavily sedated. That's why we aren't trying to shove them up our noses or something. I meant make sure that they will be ready for tomorrow.”

“They won't.” Charles said.

Sandra gritted her teeth. “And why not?”

“They're… uh… gummy worms.”

Silence fell across the table. Sandra leaned over. “They're what?”

“Gummy worms.” Charles picked one out of the case, displaying it to the assembly. “Is this some kind of joke?”

“Not one of mine.” Sandra's jaw clenched. Snatching the gummy worm out of Charles's hand, she threw it to the floor in rage and then slammed the case shut. “Someone must have switched cases with me. Recently – I just checked on them a few hours ago, before I left my hotel.”

“But… that means we're compromised.” Joe paled, looking around worriedly. “We have to get out of here. Now.”

“Calm down. We need to think about this.” Sandra tapped her fingers on the table, staring at the case. “It's gotta be the SEA. They've got an illusionist in the city.” She started looking around. “Dammit, she could be here right now.”

“What?!” Joe's hand went to his jacket. “I'm not going to let some SEA bitch drag me to jail, Sandra. No way.” His hand came out with a gun. “I'm outta here. You can stay and get arrested, whatever. Have fun.”

“Joe, calm down.” Sandra was still watching the room. She smiled faintly, her hand inching towards her own coat. As quick as lightning, she drew and fired three shots towards the far wall. “Gotcha!”

There was a shimmer of light as a human-like shape staggered at the wall, and the others drew their guns as well. Joe opened fire first. “Go to hell, you traitor!”

“No, I'm good.” The voice came from his ear. As Joe started to spin, a hand lashed out and knocked his gun away. A moment later, the room was suddenly bathed in light, as Moonbeam's illusions flickered out of existence, and lances of flame melted the guns from the others' hands. The Antihero agents blinked against the harsh light, seeing Blastwave hovering above them, a hole burned cleanly through the roof to allow her entrance to the room. Behind Joe, Moonbeam smiled sweetly. “I'm afraid you're all under arrest.”

As SEA agents burst into the room, quickly subduing the confused Antiheroes, Sandra glared at Moonbeam. “If we'd had the mindworms here…”

“Yeah, but you didn't.” Moonbeam turned to the sergeant on duty. “Take 'em away.”

“Yes, ma'am.” As the sergeant turned away, Moonbeam walked over to Blastwave, who was settling down on the ground and carefully picking up the dropped case.

“Well, that went well. We've rounded up another cell, and captured some illegal mindworms.” Blastwave locked the case very carefully. “What possessed you to disguise them as gummy worms?”

“I wanted something that would keep them annoyed enough not to consider the possibility that the illusion was right in front of them.” Moonbeam grinned. “Plus I was sort of hoping one of them might try to eat one.”

“Hilarious.” Blastwave shook her head. “Although they wouldn't get the joke.”

“Sure they would. Eventually.” With a mysterious smile, Moonbeam turned away. “Come on, we've got reports to file.”

“Yes we do.” Shaking her head, Blastwave followed her partner out of the building. “Any chance I could get you to cover…”


Blastwave shrugged. “Worth a try.”


Blastwave stuck out her tongue at Moonbeam. Moonbeam gallantly ignored her.

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