All's Fair, Part Sixteen: Coming To

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April 3rd

“…forever…” mumbled Lucky groggily. His head was pounding. He opened his eyes slowly, blinking against the harsh light, as a huge figure loomed silently over him. “Ash?” The figure nodded, and resolved into the form of the tree ninja. “I had the weirdest dream that we were on Sayleen…”

We are on Sayleen, yes.” Ash nodded, looking unaccountably worried. Lucky’s brow furrowed.

“And there was a war on, and you said that Clockwork was here…”

That is correct. Clockwork is here, and I informed you of this.” Looking somewhat reassured, Ash nodded again.

“And then I gave him a heart attack, and Rex Mundi’s head exploded…” Lucky said drowsily.

No, and then you were struck by a piece of falling masonry and knocked unconscious.” Ash said blandly. “I believe you have a mild concussion.

“Oh.” Lucky considered, and then nodded slowly. “Yeah. That makes a lot more sense, really.” He tried to sit up carefully, then winced at a fresh spike of pain. “I mean, other than the part where my luck powers are totally crap today. The whole war thing must be straining them. Where are we?”

On the teleport platform. You will be departing in twenty seconds.” Ash took a very large step backwards. Following his progression, Lucky saw the five monoliths surrounding him and his eyes widened.

“Hang on a minute, Ash, I’m not actually planning to leave! I just said that so that the Matron wouldn’t be worried!”

You are injured, and it could be serious. It is time to go.

Lucky tried to surge to his feet, only to collapse back down as unconsciousness tried to swim back up and drag him down. For a moment, he staggered, and then blue light surrounded him and he passed out again.

He struggled back to consciousness surrounded by sunlight. Groaning faintly, he tried to look around. A hand pressed lightly on his shoulder. “Stay down for a minute. I can’t operate like this.”

“Shion?” He chuckled softly. “I had a dream about you…”

“That’s probably the concussion talking. Hold still.” Closing her eyes, Shion laid her hands lightly on Lucky’s head. “Well, it’s not too bad, but I think I can make it better.” Soothing coolness spread into his scalp, and the pain died down to a background thumping. Lucky smiled again.

“That is better.”

“Good. I think we’ve avoided any permanent damage, but it’s a good thing Ash sent you back.” When Lucky raised an eyebrow, she shrugged. “One of the other evacuees spoke English, and got the bulk of your conversation. You are, as usual, too reckless.”

“I am insanely lucky, you know.” He muttered.

“Not lucky enough to avoid a concussion.” Shion observed.

Lucky scowled. “I have a sneaking suspicion that my powers did the math and decided my chances were better if I wasn’t on the planet.”

“You talk about them like they’re sentient.” Shion laughed, heading for the door. “I have more patients to look at, but once I’ve checked over everyone I’ll come see how you’re doing.”

Lucky nodded. “How’s Amber doing?”

“Holding up. There’s a UN healer working on the serious cases; I’ve mostly got the minor or moderate injuries. Last I heard, everyone over there was recovering nicely, but they’ve been put into healing sleeps to get well sooner. I’ll do another check for you if you like.”

“Sounds good to me.” Lucky dropped back on the bed. “And I need to talk to someone in authority. I have a piece of information that could be important.”

“I’ll send someone over.” Shion waved. “You get rest. You’re better, but not completely.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Lucky’s mock-salute was interrupted by a wince as he shifted his head too quickly, and Shion laughed ruefully.

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