Echoes Long Forgotten, Part Twelve: All To Hell

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(October 6th)

“God, what a night. I am going to smell like zombie for days.” Amber shivered as she stepped through the door, yawning widely. “Something is seriously wrong when cleaning up after a fight takes over a hundred times the length of the fight itself.”

“Something is seriously wrong when we can't leave that sort of thing to maintenance.” Shrugging, Lucky shook his head. “Well, at least Bryce gets to learn that it's not all glamour and fun times. Tell me when you're done with the shower, okay?”

“Yeah, no problem.” Amber started towards the door, only to break off abruptly as the phone rang. For a moment, she looked about to go into the bathroom regardless, then she changed her mind and ran to the phone, lifting it from its receiver between the second and third ring.

“You must be tired, it never goes that long.” Blastwave's amused voice filled the other end.

“Very funny. What's up?” Amber rolled her eyes, trying to keep her temper level.

“Um…” Hearing the undertone of her partner's voice, Blastwave hesitated a moment. “You sort of need to come back on active duty. Right now.”

“We what?!” By the door, Lucky had paused in his walk towards the kitchen, turning back to the room with a raised eyebrow. “Wait, what's that sound behind you?”

“Hang on a sec.” There was a sound of crackling fire, and a moaning hiss, before Blastwave came back on. “Back. That's Tony.”

“Oh.” Amber blinked. “Tony the monster? From the bay?”

“From the bay and into the sewers.” There was a moment's pause, during which Amber heard the sound of Blastwave launching one of her signature bolts through the air. “And out the manholes, and the water processing plant… this little fellow's gotten big.”

“Oh, lovely. Has Ecchs been called?”

“Yeah, and he's moving out to four sites. But we've got a dozen of them active, and every one's got the potential for civilians to get seriously hurt.”

There was a shocked pause, before Amber spoke cautiously. “By Tony? This isn't just frolicking?”

“No, he's gone berserk. Ecchs thinks maybe that zombie squid infected him with something by mistake. Anyway, he's covering several miles of tunnels, and if we can't beat him back, we can't hold him down and figure out what's wrong.”

“Son of a… give me the empty locations. There are, what, six of them left?”

“Yep. If you four take four of them, I can ask Ash to try and hold down the last two. But trees don't do well against Tony.” Blastwave rattled off a list of streets and parks currently under siege. “Fight him back towards the harbour. Hopefully we can meet up there.”

“Got it. I'll tell Mayfly and Handyman enroute.” Timebender hung up. “You catch that?”

“Just about.” Lucky had his coat back on. “Cleanliness is next to impossible around here. I'll go down the hall and catch the others, and we can get moving.”

Amber pulled on her boots, cracking her neck before zipping past Lucky. “I've got it. You get to Seventh Avenue and McClair, you're the slowest without Jim's car.”

“Yeah, rub that in. I'm gone.” As Lucky dashed down the hallway, he glanced back to see Timebender already hammering on the door of their companions. He sighed under his breath. “Why does everything seem to happen at once around here?”

As he darted out the apartment building's front door, he failed to notice the shadow on the rooftop across the street, watching the building carefully from its darkened perch. Crouching low, Dragonfly checked the stealth systems on his armour, nodding to himself.

“Status?” The voice crackled low over his comm, and he responded with a whisper.

“Ladd has already left. I expect to see…” He broke off. “Wow. Almost didn't. Timebender's on her way, too. Expect that Handyman and Mayfly will be out in another minute or so.”

“Understood. Don't confront her until everyone is engaged. They'll come to her over fighting the beast if it comes down to it.”

“They won't get the chance.” With a nasty smile, Dragonfly kept his attention on the building below. “But don't work, Clockwork. I won't let you down.”

“We'll see.” The line went dead, and Dragonfly found his teeth grinding together at the casual contempt in the other man's voice. They certainly would.

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