Tear The World Apart, Part 7 - Making Good Friends

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(June 9th, 2008)

The sunlight filtering through the shades woke Amber, and she groaned faintly at the pounding in her skull, reaching blindly for the glass of water she kept by her bed. As she took a deep drink, memories of the night before began to filter back into her mind. Jim had dialed her up and mentioned a few agents were going out for drinks… she’d gone… and…

“Morning, beautiful! How do you like your eggs? I would have asked someone else, but the others already headed out for groceries or something.”


Amber looked cautiously towards the door. There was a short woman leaning around the corner, black hair mussed and pulled back into a rough approximation of a ponytail. She was wearing one of Amber’s older housecoats, which folded attractively around her. Amber blinked a few times, trying to call up the woman’s name. Something ridiculous, she vaguely recalled. Codename only. She settled for a vague. “Uh… good morning…”

There was a short pause, and the woman chuckled. “You really did have a few too many.” She paused expectantly, and when Amber managed a blush and a vague nod, she evidently took pity on her. “Blastwave?”

That was it. Blastwave, Wave for short. She would have gotten in eventually. “Right. Sorry.” Amber rubbed her forehead. “I… this is not usual behaviour for me. I think I overdid it.”

“Could be, hun. Anyway, eggs?”

“Um. Scrambled.” Amber paused, starting to climb out of the bed, and then abruptly realized how little she was wearing and quickly scuttled back into it. “Like my brain right now, apparently.”

Wave gave an impish smile that set off alarm bells bells. “Modest this morning, huh? Closing the barn after the horse has gone out.” With a wink, she straightened from the doorframe and started walking to the kitchen.

Amber bit her lip, then sprang out of bed, dressing in a flurry of time-altered motion and zipping into the kitchen. “Tell me we didn't…”

“What? Oh, no. Not on a first date, Amber.” Wave winked again, from the stove. “Anyway, we were too drunk for anything serious. At least, I was, and I'm guessing from your reactions…”

“Yeah.” Amber shook her head slowly, clearing out the last of the cobwebs as her memories came into focus. She was pretty sure that she remembered most of last night, and while some of the memories threatened to recall another fierce blush, she was able to look Wave in the eyes. “Last night really was abnormal for me.” She repeated the line like a mantra, looking sheepish.

“Aww, really?” Wave grinned wickedly from the stove. “That's a shame.” When Amber’s blush deepened, she laughed. “Oh, don’t worry. I won't get the wrong idea. Only slept here last night because I didn't think I could get home.” She shrugged fluidly, stirring the eggs, and turned to study them closely, speaking towards Amber without looking at her. “But hey, if this is weird, I can always head off. It's morning now, I'm sober. You know.”

“No, it's alright.” Amber sat at the table, and smiled over. “You know the old saying. Breakfast makes everything better.”

Wave grinned, looking over her shoulder at Amber. Then she developed a strange look. “I don't think that's an old saying.”

“I say it is, and it's my house.” When Wave rolled her eyes, Amber grinned back at her. “Come on, those eggs smell great. Let's eat.”

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