Rex Mundi

Vital Statistics

Real Name: [Classified - Major Spoilers]
Origin: [Classified - Major Spoilers]
Position: Self-Proclaimed Lord Of The Earth
Date of Birth: ???

Powers: ???
First Appearance: #193 - Year-End Retrospective


The first Rex Mundi was the man who discovered Atlantis in 1862. Since then, there has always been a Rex Mundi. No one knows who is Rex Mundi, although people can generally guess when a switch takes place. He is one of the most powerful villains in the world in the sense of influence, and whenever something happens that cannot be explained, someone will be sure to lay the blame at his door.


Mysterrrious. He is a dedicated villain, but also seems bent on preserving the fabric of the world. He didn't sign the treaties, but he abides by them. No one really knows who he is or what he wants, or even if he exists at all - some have speculated that he is merely a psychic projection from Psiborg's past.

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