Vital Statistics

Real Name: None
Origin: Atlantean Robot mixed with a scientist's personalitiy
Position: Agent Of Rex Mundi
Date of Birth: Approximately 2,500 B.C.

Powers: Incredible telepathic gifts, massive telekinetic power, strong psionic shielding.
First Appearance: #193 - Year-End Retrospective


The Psi-Borg's background is shrouded in mystery. It was uncovered by Rex Mundi in 1862, and claimed the life of one of his companions when powering up; it still contains many of that person's memories and much of his personality, but claims that the rest of its nature was wiped out before Atlantis was destroyed, in a battle against the Atlantean Nanoswarm. Psi-Borg now considers Rex Mundi to be the rightful heir to Atlantis, and thus considers it his job to protect and work for the mysterious villain.

He is one of the most powerful villains in the world; those without psionic defenses are usually helpless against him, although he is in turn helpless against those who have such defenses. These defenses include anything made with scavenged Atlantean psi-tech, against which Psi-Borg has no power.


Psi-Borg is driven and violent, willing to do harm without a second's thought, but he is not cruel. He is, instead, efficient, preferring to do the least amount of damage required for his goals for purely practical reasons.


  • The third eye on Psiborg's forehead glows yellow when he uses his powers. All of his powers also create a physical display, such as glows around his hand and targets when he uses telekinesis, or a yellow energy shield surrounding him to protect him.
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