Name: Proteus
Affiliation: The Mythica

Appearance: Meaningless. Proteus can adopt essentially any shape that he wishes, and does so constantly, changing his features whenever he grows bored with his current look. His height, weight, hair color, and even race are entirely malleable and although he will sometimes wear a shape for a few days in a row or return to one he likes frequently, he always changes again. The only consistency is that he is always male, and that he always wears a grey pendent with a wolf's head on it so that his teammates will know that it is him (with the exception of missions where he is undercover, of course).

Background: Entirely unknown. At some point, Proteus took up Jormungandr's blessing and became a lieutenant of the Mythica. He may have been a simple Mythica henchman before this.

Personality: Lighthearted and easygoing, Proteus is generally content to let others take the lead, making him an excellent follower. He's willing to take chances, but tends not to go overboard, and is usually a quiet person, especially when anything involving duties or responsibility is being discussed.

Powers: Proteus is a skilled shapeshifter, able to alter part or all of his body essentially on a whim. He can reduce his mass as low as that of a cat or rabbit, but cannot increase it to more than that of a large human being, which limits his transformations. He is also limited to animal forms, although he can manipulate them to create bulletproof shields out of bone plating or the like.

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