Power Ratings

Both registered heroes and registered villains are required to get rated in capability. Power ratings theoretically run from 1 to 10, with a rating of 6.5 or higher required to pass your first-year exams and be registered as a hero or villain (there is a process to bypass this rating if your powers are weak or nonexistant, but it is extremely difficult). It is a well known fact that the scale simply isn't capable of handling cosmic-tier beings, with a 10 on the scale covering such disparate powers as Dudeman, Weltgeist, or the All-American Man.

It is of note that power ratings do not judge experience, training, or natural talent in a field, and thus can be wildly inaccurate when determining who the most dangerous opponent on a field is. They are not meant to - instead, they serve as a guideline for how much work you're likely to need to put in for the same results.

H Ratings

H (Hero) Ratings cover a person's powers as they can be used to protect and save other people, rather than measuring raw might.

Known H Ratings

  • Timebender: 7.9
  • Lucky Lad: 7.4

V Ratings

V (Villain) Ratings cover how well a person's powers can be used to protect themselves, and to gain power, wealth, and influence. They are slightly more fluid than H ratings, as they can depend on a person's exact goals, but tend to be based on direct power and defense.

  • Lucky Lad: 9.3
  • Doctor Ecchs: 8.5
  • Handyman: 8.1
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