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Power Demographics By Species: There are a large number of Alien species in the universe, and most have very different Superhuman Demographics than the people of Earth do. In fact, many alien races possess powers that no human has ever mimicked, while lacking what are considered to be standard power sets on Earth.

As such, any attempt at Power Classification must take these special circumstances into account. Some examples are listed below.


Humanity is generally agreed to have one of the most varied and numerous sets of superpowers out of the known species in the universe. Certainly, the sheer breadth of human powers dwarfs those of their closest allies and enemies. However, many people forget that this is a relatively recent phenomenon. For most of human history, all documented supers have had powers that could be classified into five categories – Enhancement, Perception, Mysticism, Pseudotech, and Psychic Control. Some scientists tentatively add Narrative Control to the list, on the grounds that narrative law was not codified until the late 1800s, and thus any supers with such powers would have gone unrecognized previously, but most believe that it is also a fairly recent development.

The first super documented with powers not from one of these categories was the mutate known as the Jersey Devil, who manifested his new form in 1875. Further transformations and new powers occurred rapidly over the course of the next twenty-five years, and by 1900 every modern category of powers had been displayed. The exact cause of this rapid increase in variety of powers is a subject of heated debate, with theories ranging from a shift in narrative law to a super-power creating disease, but scholarly consensus ties it to the reclamation of Atlantis by the League of Adventurers.


The Chitrani displayed a vast array of powers during their invasion of Sayleen, but leaned heavily towards psychic powers and control of the elements. They did not appear to have any sort of Pseudotech or Mysticism at their disposal, but did have champions displaying all eleven of the other known Geist-Reynolds powers. In addition, all Chitrani possessed weak psychic powers, through which they fed and powered their technology.

The Chitrani possessed only natural supers. Superhuman birth rates were dramatic compared to other races, estimated at 1 in 150,000 from what little has been recovered, but only one in 600,000 adult Chitrani possessed these powers.


The Dem’kra may be the only race in the galaxy that does not possess the power of Enhancement. In fact, their society is devoted heavily to their strong use of Perception and Mysticism. Over sixty percent of the Dem’kra supers possess one or both of those two powers, and short-term prophecy is a very common ability. Psychic Control, Narrative Control, and Biotic Control cover the closest thing that the Dem’kra have to offensive powers, although it is notable that the Dem’kra have far more supers able to actively and consciously manipulate Narrative Law, known as Invokers, than any other species.

The dem’kra have a very active superhuman birth rate, and mystical selection creates even more. Roughly one in 200,000 dem’kra are Chosen.


By contrast, the Sayleen have the most limited power set of any known species. There are only three categories of Sayleen supers – Vanguards, Artificers, and Psychics. Vanguards are simple Enhanced sayleen, with standard strength, speed, and toughness improvements over normal people, and psychics function exactly like human ones, albeit with only broad-base powers. Artificers, on the other hand, use a complex form of molecular control to transform specially-treated materials into the components for any device that they see fit – a process that is superficially similar to Pseudotech, but in truth bears a far closer resemblance to Elemental Control. This power has never been displayed by non-Sayleen.

Numerically, Sayleen supers are less common than human ones, in large part because they cannot be created either accidentally or deliberately – all are natural supers. Only one in every 500,000 sayleen is Gifted, and families who have a member develop the Gift are showered with attention and wealth.


The Trox have powers that extend almost completely from their impressive physiognomies, and a common power is a mixture of Transformation and Biotic Control that allows them to extend their powers over others, with or without permission. Enhancement and Mutation, in a vast variety of ways, are also very common, generally in conjunction with one another. Non-physically oriented Trox have displayed both Psychic Control and Perception-based powers, but little else. The Trox also have a very small stream of Mysticism.


The Yocanu have demonstrated powers from four major domains within the Geist-Reynolds model, and have not demonstrated any powers that are not also held by other species. This makes classifying Yocanu supers very straightforward from a human point of view. The most common Yocanu power is Pseudotech. In fact, Yocanu pseudotechnicians make up close to forty percent of their planet’s superhuman population.

The other three major power sets are less common. Enhancement, of course, is a very common Yocanu power, occurring in roughly thirty percent of Yocanu supers, and tends strongly towards total enhancement towards peak capability – both physical and mental. Dimensional control is less common, appearing in only fifteen percent, and exclusively covers control of physical space – teleportation especially is far more common than in humans. Finally, like all known sentient races, the Yocanu have psychics, and at fifteen percent of the super population they are much like humans. Yocanu supers almost never have more than one power set.

There are fewer Yocanu superhumans than humanity, but this is in large part due to their naturally lethal lifestyle. At any time, only one in 350,000 adult Yocanu possess such powers.

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