Name: Catherine Becker
Callsign: Piper
Affiliation: The Magisters

Appearance: Catherine is an athletic young woman with short, slightly curly black hair and tanned skin. When not on duty, she prefers to wear loose-fitting, flexible clothing, especially light t-shirts and jeans. On duty, of course, she wears her Magisters uniform – a green jumpsuit with military-style pants and a thick black belt with her Magisters badge. She is often accompanied by a dark red wood flute case, within which her pipe waits for use.

Background: A former military sergeant, Catherine's squad was stranded on the alien world of Sayleen for close to a year when the supervillain known as Rex Mundi overloaded the psychic portals the United Nations had used to send peacekeepers in the planet's bloody civil war. During that time, she acquired her flute, and upon her return she was discharged from the army due to possessing super-powers – no superhuman may be a member of the armed forces of any country under the Geneva Conventions.

It was while she was debating the life ahead of her that Director Henry found her and invited her to become the team leader for the Magisters, bringing much-needed military discipline to the field team.

Personality: Catherine has a sense of humour, which she often shows in little ways while maintaining a solemn demeanor. She has trouble shaking her military habits, and is a strong-willed individual who is rarely willing to back down, something that has led to a good-natured rivalry with Invictus that just borders on antagonism.

Powers: Piper's flute is an ancient relic of dark magic, which grants its wielder the power of Control while it is played. Currently, Piper is able to control animate beings by playing certain songs and tunes, although sufficiently powerful magic or strong wills can resist her. If legends are accurate, she may learn to spread her capabilities with time.

Piper is also a highly-trained military specialist with over ten years of experience in squad tactics, and several deployments to active combat zones. She is a skilled combatant both in hand-to-hand and with guns, and is careful to keep very fit.

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