Vital Statistics

Real Name: Unknown
Origin: Interdimension refugee
Date of Birth: Very unknown

Powers: Super-stretching tendrils, sharp claws. Claws produce a soporific toxin. Phil himself is immune to all known toxins and may not need to breathe. He is also tougher than any human.
First Appearance: #2 - It's not HIS fault


Phil spent most of his early life as a Dangerous Thing; he remains quiet on what events brought him to such a pass, or where he came from originally. Escaping from the Repository of Dangerous Things, a location in another dimension, he found his way to Malefico looking for work. Dr. Ecchs was charmed by the monster's power and personality (and cooking skills), and hired him as his personal assistant.


Phil is theoretically extremely powerful and dangerous, but he has an almost cripplingly fragile ego, and can usually be easily defeated by a few well-placed insults. Dr. Ecchs is working on building his self-confidance, but, being a supervillain, sucks at it, and has probably done more harm than good. Deep down, Phil just wants to be loved, and maybe eat some people.

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