Patchwork City

A major city in the eastern United States, with a population of slightly over one million, and the primary location of most of the comic and serial.

Major Supergroups

Named Locations:

  • Malefico buildings. A massive black skyscraper, surrounded by other skyscrapers now owned by Malefico. No one drives within five blocks of the central building, due to the risk of explosions.
  • Apartments of the Patchwork Champions - All of the Champions, except for Ash, live in the same apartment building.
  • The Local Bar - Although it has yet to be given a name, there is a rustic-themed bar down the street from where the Champions live. Sometimes they go there for drinks. The interior of the bar is entirely wooden, in a log-cabin chic that is rare in town. The drinks are so-so.
  • Faulkner Park - a major park in downtown Patchwork City, Faulkner Park covers much of the restored waterfront in the central city. Stretching from the docks district to the wetlands at the city's western edge, it is a large, mostly meadowy park suitable for picnics, sports, and families. And also the occasional fight between supers.
  • Grover Mall - The largest mall in the city, located downtown.
  • La Mal Dommage - A very fancy 'French' restaurant where none of the waiters, marketing staff, or owners actually speak French. It sort of shows.
  • Emergency Pizza - A local pizza chain, they promise delivery anywhere, any time, under any circumstances. Currently the only pizza company that will serve to Malefico.
  • The Bus Terminal - Located on Garrison Drive
  • 1683 Wexler Drive - The location of an old warehouse where Hazard diverted Mayfly and Handyman.

Former Locations

  • The Aerial Gold Reserve: A flying bank, the Reserve is where the city keeps a very large amount of money which it purchased in 2004 for investment purposes. It has extensive defensive suites built into it, and was secretly designed by Dr Ecchs. The Reserve was transformed into a flying battlestation by Ecchs during the [[[Battle of Patchwork City]], and although it was destroyed, it took out the Antiheroes' battleship in the process.

Seasonal Events

  • Septemberfest - A major event held the second week of September each year.

Historical Events

  • The city was not actually named until 2006, when it was finally named by vote.
  • The Battle of Patchwork City, in 2008, saw the end of the Antiheroes as a force to be reckoned with, and was the largest site of superhuman violence since World War II.
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