Patchwork Champions Cast

The world of Patchwork Champions is filled with people. Some of them are heroic. Others are dire. Most are just trying to make a living. A number of others are dead.

Regardless of their classification, they are listed here. Note that many of the following entries will contain spoilers.

The Patchwork Champions

Timebender - Lucky Lad - Ash - Mayfly - Handyman


Dr. Ecchs - Nightshade - Phil - Ada Byron

Irene - Spygor - Josh
Tom Johnson - Jack Yarrow - Dr Malcolm
Former Members: Dr Lewis
Minor or One-Shot Members

Citizens Of Patchwork City

Mayor Thompson - Eric Smith - Janice Smith
Tony the Tendril Monster


Dudeman - Moonbeam - Blastwave - Hazard
Eclipse - Charon and Styx - Epsilon - Omnibus - Gwenivere - Spinaround - Nexus
Miscellaneous Agents

Rex Mundi's Forces

Rex Mundi - Psiborg - Lucy - Lord Mayhem - Shivarax

The Oligarchs

Clockwork - Warzone - The Witch Doctor - Kaniessa - Dragonfly


Overkill - Skew - Cataclysm - Calamity
Deceased Members:Judgement - Lockdown - Fathom
Miscellaneous Antiheroes

Other Heroes

Milwaukee Heroes: Strategos - Powerblock - Mistral
Former Heroes: Shion Mitsugi
Minor Heroes: Nightlord- The Darkness - Cheer - Mr. Awesome - Crimson Devil
Historical Heroes: Royal Whip
The Justicars: The All-American Man - Skyscraper - Magister - Fixit - Knightshine
Miscellaneous Heroes

Other Villains

Current Villains: Skulldozer
Retired: The Robot Suit Raiders - Psychopomp
Deceased: Dreadman - Optica - Rigor Mozart - The Oligarchs (Alternate Universe) - Surge
Miscellaneous Villains

Other Individuals

President Hansen

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