Vital Statistics

Real Name: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Date of Birth: October 1st, 1965
Position: Mayor of the City of Patchwork City

Powers: Can create a psionic focusing device that emits a beam that converts inorganic matter into explosive energy.
First Appearance: #15 - You Win, Timebender


Overkill, the "Ten Kiloten Vigilante", is a renowned failure across the world. He got his degree as a superhero by the skin of his teeth, some time after most (graduating the year before Lucky) in and all of his attempts to help people ended in disaster, due to the wide-ranging nature of his powers and the inevitable massive property damage that he causes - on one notable assignment, he did over half a billion dollars in damage on his last day alone.

Overkill's last role as a hero was with the Patchwork Champions. It ended with him nearly killing Doctor Ecchs by mistake, as well as taking out most of one floor of an office building nearby, after which he was promptly fired by Timebender.

Growing increasingly embittered by the failure of his clients to realize that property was less important than stopping villains, he was finally recruited by the Antiheroes shortly after this. Overkill took part in the Battle of Grovedale, and was captured alive at its conclusion. He is now in jail.


Overkill is sort of like a brain-damaged puppy - he's cute, and kind of pathetic, and not the kind of guy that most people actually want around. He is also prone to depression, possibly due to the failure of everything that he has ever attempted - despite occasional flashes of effectiveness. It remains to be seen whether he will be more dangerous and competant as an Antihero than he was as a hero.

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