Origin Point

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Origin Point: A term commonly used in Superhuman Demographics, referring to a person, place, or process that creates a large number of supers. Generally, at least four supers must be created by a single process or person before they are considered an origin point.

This is not as unlikely as it would appear at first glance; while to the layman's eye supers may appear to owe their existances to a myrid of unrelated, random events, occasionally seeming more like a metaphysical crapshoot than an actual science, most research into supers runs across one of these eventually - current census data suggests that close to two-thirds of supers owe their existance to an origin point.

Oddly, the majority of origin points are supervillains, despite the fact that those who are created by origin points have no such leanings. Some scientists believe that this is because villains are more likely to experiment with things man was not meant to meddle with, and thus create new branches of their dark sciences. Others believe it is because villains are more unconcerned with such trivialities as "safety precautions" or "basic understanding of the forces you are tampering with". For whatever reason, superheroes are far less likely to become origin points (although this is by no means an absolute - the Steel Magnate is an example of a particularly active superhero origin point.)

Other origin points are not people, but processes. Many people owe their existance to the transformative effects of the Cosmic Storm that swept across the world in 1959, while the number of supers throughout history whose powers derive directly from Atlantis is well into the hundreds.

It is worth noting that origin points are generally only considered to apply in a first-case scenario. For example, the knights of Camelot all derived their powers directly from Merlin, making him a mystical origin point. However, while Blitzkerig melted down Excalibur in the late 1930s to create his Pseudotech armor, he did so as part of the Thule Society, and is thus connected to their origin point rather than to Merlin's.

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