Name: Jack Beauregard
Callsign: Nimble
Affiliation: The Magisters

Appearance: Jack is in his late thirties, decently fit but of a very average build, with slightly thinning, brushed-back dark hair and a widow's peak. His face is lean and almost hatchet-like, and his eyes watch their surroundings with interest, but his smile is warm and friendly. He wears a silver watch, ring, and crucifix pendant, none of which he enjoys taking off. He always dresses well - even his Magisters uniform looks a bit like a midnight-blue suit.

Background: Jack grew up in a bad neighbourhood, and spent much of his life drifting in and out of jail. When he gained his powers, this only intensified, as he became involved in magical crime, stealing easily-obtained artifacts whose owners had no idea of their true value and selling them for good profits, and then soothing his uncertain conscience with large donations that he told himself balanced things out. Each time he left prison, it was with the resolution that he would go straight this time, and each time he drifted back into burglary. This time, however, Oliver Henry was waiting for him, offering him a chance to change sides. Suspicious but intrigued, Jack accepted, and became a Magister.

Personality: Jack does his best to be unfailingly polite, although he has a dry sense of humour that sometimes rubs people the wrong way. He doesn't like people who are arrogant or superior, and has no illusions about his own flaws. He is protective of people that he thinks are innocent, and doesn't care much about those who he considers to be problems.

Powers: Nimble's only actual superpower is the ability to scent out magic, breaking down its nature and understanding every aspect of it with ease. He has not yet shared the origin of this capability. He is also, of course, a highly skilled thief, with exceptional fine motor skills, a natural talent for subtlety, and a gift for sensing dangerous situations. He is much less capable in combat, preferring to leave that to his teammates.

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