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June 10th: Work is hard. That is not the big announcement. It's more like the explanation for the lack of big announcement. At the moment, big announcement is postponed to Monday. Content yourselves with a new update. ;)

June 6th: So, big announcement coming Friday, I expect. Should be good times.


May 20th: Happy rapture, everyone! Today's update will be delayed until tomorrow, on the theory that if the Rapture occurs, I will, as a clearly perfect being, be out of here and never have to deal with it. (On the flip side, if the Rapture does not occur, I assume that my serial will be an acceptable substitute.)

May 13th: Go see Thor. Seriously, it's great. I mean, I'm pretty sure that my interpretation of the gods is better, because I have an amazing ego, but really, it's a very good movie.


April 29th: And thus ends our second chapter. Not coincidentally, there is a new update on the Magisters Cast page, with some intel on the Mythica and their mysterious patron, Jormungandr.

April 22nd: Opinion question time, guys! I've been including date notes in all of my updates, but I'm looking back and feeling like they might clutter the page up somewhat. When you read archives, do you actually care when things updated? Let me know!


March 27th: For those who are interested, there's been a recent update in the encyclopedia, following a forum discussion on the matter, about Narrative Spheres. It details some of the differences between magic and other powers.

March 18th: Part 12 ends the official first chapter of Patchwork Magisters. Also updated, the official Cast page, which includes a few details about characters that you might find intriguing.

March 11th: Two for two! As a couple of readers have warned me, today's update failed to load, or possibly I didn't copy it over correctly before I saved it this morning. I will have to check on it from home, which means it will arrive around 5:30ish EST.
*EDIT* Or 9:00. Damn it. Well, it's up now, that's the important thing. *shakes fist*

March 7th: Today's update will appear at some time between 5:30 and 6:00 PM EST, due to my forgetting to upload it before leaving for work this morning.


February 21st: So, feeling a little silly today. Friday's special surprise didn't actually happen, because I was tired and forgot to actually upload it. By way of apology, here it is! Patchwork Magisters has its first official fanart, by the lovely, talented, and forgiving Neona Nightshade, who was quite kind about my stupid failure to put up her first pictures. So give her some thanks in the forum. :)

February 18th: Site links and uploads will come tonight - running late this morning. Also tonight - a special surprise. :)

February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day, folks! In honour of the occasion (well, not really), I've put up a Twitter feed for the serial. Well, I've adapted my drastically unused Twitter feed for the serial, which is basically the same thing.

February 7th: Welcome to the official first update of Patchwork Magisters. Hope you enjoy the show!

February 1st: The site is currently under construction, but we should be on track for our February 7th opening. For now, feel free to look over the various hints about the upcoming serial scattered around the site.


January 22nd: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for reading. Patchwork Champions is now complete. Feel free to stop by the forums on your way out, and remember to tip your waiter.

Okay, okay. Don't worry, while the story of the Champions is over, I'm not done writing by a longshot. For the next two weeks, I will be assembling the new shape of the website and setting up a buffer, while giving you various hints about what comes next. If you don't care so much about that sort of thing, come back on February 7th for the first part of Patchwork Champions: Magisters, the official sequel to Patchwork Champions.

Thanks again! You've been a great audience, and I hope you'll stick with me for another five years while I wend my way through another tale. :)



December 19th: The holidays have struck! The next update will be December 27th. Thanks for listening!

December 6th: There will be a lengthy update on Tuesday to make up for the problematic weekend. Thanks!


October 22nd: Ladies and gentlemen, we are back in business. That was an unfortunate delay, but we are still on track to finish Champions before the year is out, come hell or high water.

October 5th: Grragh!

Patchwork Champions is going onto a very vague update schedule for the immediate future. Currently, I have two computers. One of them broke on Wednesday, and the other one has gotten worse to the point that it overheats and shuts down every ten or fifteen minutes, after which I need to wait half an hour to turn it on again. Normally, I would cool it, but (and I swear I'm not joking) my freezer broke, so I can't cool the cooling pads I use. Things should return to normal once I can actually access a computer long enough to write the damned serials.


September 20th: Okay, um. Hi. I sort of almost pulled an RPG World there, didn't I?


Well, according to the lovely joy of Google Analytics, I still have people stopping by, so I owe you an apology. We are back on track, and I am going to finish this thing. I promise. Enjoy!


July 3rd - Anyone who has not looked at Sesame Street Fighter should probably do so, because it is awesome.


June 14th - I realize that it's a little late for most folks, but if you still can, I strongly recommend The Trotsky. It's the heartwarming (well, funny) tale of a high school student who believes that he is the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky. It stars Jay Bachenal, who continues to impress me. It's Canadian (which might make things harder for my American readers, but what can I do.) It is touching and awesome and it'll be out of theatres soon.

June 4th: Back from vacation! Fun fact - everything takes about three times as long as I expect it to when it comes to preparation for just about anything. Sorry about that, and here's to continuing stories.


May 10th: Alright, quick update. Between now and May 21st, there will be five more updates instead of the usual three, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Starting May 24th, I will be on vacation until June 4th, and there will be no updates. Originally, I was going to stop updating a bit sooner, but I'd really like to finish this story before my vacation and my missed updates are making that tricky.


(No updates)


March 15th: Sorry for the unannouced break. One job ended, and was scrambling around preparing for that. For the near future, there shouldn't be any more such breaks.


February 4th: Have you noticed how whenever I try to do extra work to catch up, I wind up falling behind again? Need to work on that.


January 22nd: And work claims my first week of failed updates this year. There will be two updates each day next week to balance out, with my apologies for the delays .

January 1st: Welcome to the fourth anniversary of Patchwork Champions! It should be a great year, and lots of fun. It's also a year for a big announcement - this is going to be the last year of Patchwork Champions. It's been a great year, but the truth of the matter is there's only so much I want to write about a given set of characters. Therefore, the current story arc is slated to be the last. I don't know how long it'll be - as long as it takes, but less than a year is my expectation.

It's not the end of the Patchwork Champions setting, however. I've started work on the next sequel, which will be in the same setting.



December 21st: No update for the winter solstice, on account of that's a holiday for me. There will be updates on Christmas and New Year's, though, so stay tuned. :)

December 18th: Tonight's update will be up at some point tomorrow, possibly tomorrow night.


November 30th: Alright, NaNo is over, and was not entirely successful, but given my stupid-busy work schedule, I'm calling it a win anyway. We now return to our regularly scheduled updates.

November 24th: 60-hour work weeks were sent by the Devil to hurt us. That is all.

November 19th: Second snag - instead of spending two hours writing, I spent them on the bus! Yay. So, yeah. The next serial will be up whenever I have time.

November 10th: NaNo has hit its first minor snag - training for my second job. There will be both a wiki and story update tomorrow.

November 2nd: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm officially declaring my participation in National Novel-Writing Month. Instead of an actual novel, though, I'm turning my full attention to this site. (Well, that part of my full attention not working 50 hours a week, at least). For the rest of the month, there will be an update every. single. night. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, that will be a writing update. Every other day, it will be an encyclopedia update. The first update will come when I get home from work tonight, so set your watches. Here we go!


October 16th: Okay, so I am actually keeping track of how many segments I am behind in this story (3 at the moment), and fully intend to catch up before the end of the story. I have a plan. Possibly a bad one, but who knows. I think I have also punched through my writer's block for the rest of this story, which was causing some trouble, so yay!

October 10th: There will be a second update later today, and I'll leave the links up for people who won't be checking until Monday.


September 18th: Oh my god. Last weekend was, to put it mildly, difficult. It involved quite a lot more travel than expected, and far less free time. Apologies for not warning you guys, but I honestly didn't expect it to be a problem.

September 4th: Vacation over. Very tired. Update probably later today or maybe tonight, depending on how things go.


August 28th: I have found internet! Friday's update is only one day late! Yay!

August 24th: So, I'm going on vacation again, for a week. I will hopefully be able to update as normal on Friday and Monday, but I do not absolutely guarantee it - updates next week might be delayed. For this week, though, we have two new Encyclopedia updates in addition to the normal update - the Superhuman Enforcement Agency and Jigath.

August 21st: Oh yeah, so when I go to a cottage for a few days I should probably tell you guys. Which I did, hence no update last Monday. I feel foolish, sorry. I'll be doing some Encylopedia updates this weekend to sort of make up for it, so tune in Monday for those along with the story.


July 27th: For the foreseeable future, I'm cutting back to Monday and Friday updates. I will try to make them a bit longer to compensate, but I think that two updates a week will help me actually make two updates a week.

July 17th: *grumble grumble* Serials will resume Monday, with my apologies.

July 8th: And then moving happened, omg. We are moved into our new place, and internet has been restored, so the stories are back in the game. :)

July 1st: Happy Canada Day! No serial today for holiday reasons.


Monday, June 8th: Lots of updates today! In addition to our normal update, I have the Encyclopedia articles to make up for the last missed update, and in spades. Check out Doyi and Narrative Law, and then check out Narrative Law.
Also, alert readers will have noticed that there is a rather self-referential link titled "Wiki". This is mostly for me, but you can take a look. Basically, it's just me noting down every random piece of information that I've put into a comic or serial so that I don't end up contradicting myself. It will advance a bit slowly, I suspect, but I intend to finish it, and update the cast pages fully along the way.


Monday, May 25th: We're back! Had a lovely vacation, saw some very nice places in France and Italy, and am now refreshed and ready to go. Hope you like the next story. :D


Monday, April 27th: So it seems that what I have is actually nothing - between work and vacation-prep, but mostly work, my mind is fried. See you guys on May 24th, and apologies for the early vacation.

Wednesday, April 22nd: I lied.

Overtime is kicking my butt right now. Anything more complicated than two or three sentences is mostly beyond me, I'm just too wiped. So. I'm going to try to make big updates on the weekends - assuming I'm not working, which I might be. Tune in Monday and we'll see what I've got.

Saturday, April 18th: Advance notice on the schedule. There will be another two weeks of serials, which should cover a small and hopefully interesting side-story. After that, I'm taking a three-week vacation to Europe. Writing serials is not really going to be a top priority on this vacation, plus I won't have my laptop or really much internet access, so there will be no updates from May 4th through May 22nd. After that, everything will be back to normal for the next crazy storyline.


Friday, March 27th: So I'm an idiot, and forgot to properly upload the serials I've been writing. Yay, dumb me. Because of this, there's one update today, and one tommorow.

Monday, March 9th - There will be an update today, but I wouldn't expect it until the evening.


Wednesday, February 18th: Ladies and gentlemen, I think today's serial marks a milestone. One of the longest running unimportant secrets of Patchwork Champions has just been revealed. (Also, it's well past time that this character had a bit of the spotlight, so there you go.) Now, just for fun, I've been dropping hints about this for a long while, most of them extremely subtle. If you're curious about where said hints were, meander over to the forums and I'll write them all up. But read the serial first, or it'll ruin the secret.

Monday, February 16th: Happy Family Day, if you live in Ontario. If not, congrats. You've avoided a truly manufactured holiday. I wonder, years from now, will Family Day be a massive deal? Will people get Family Day presents and go on Family Day picnics and watch the Family Day parade? Will they make movies about kids who forget Family Day? I will wait and see.

Wednesday, February 11th: Sorry for the delays. This story's kind of insanely complicated, and I'm trying to make sure I've got the storyboard laid out properly. We should be on track for the time being.


Friday, January 30th: Lots of new stuff today! In addition to the usual update for the day, the Cast page has been updated through the Oligarchs, leaving us with new stuff there. The Alien page has been updated on the Encyclopedia. Finally, The Links page has been updated with new information on something I've written.

Tuesday, January 27th: I only seem to make news posts when I've gotten delayed. I should start making them just to chat. For example, I could say that I keep getting the Read or Die and Cowboy Bebop theme songs confused in my head. It's baffling. Probably you wouldn't care, but these insights into my mad mind might prove interesting.
Anyway, yeah, no update yesterday. I sort of caught the flu this weekend. All better now, so Monday's update comes up Tuesday. Expect a normal update tomorrow, scout's honour.

Also, the cast page has been getting out-of-date again, so I'm going through and updating it. I'm as far as Rex Mundi's forces - if you notice anyone I missed up to there, let me know and I'll add them. Should be getting the Oligarchs, Antiheroes, and miscellaneous heroes and villains up shortly - I have a bit of a laundry list of them to write entries for.



Wednesday, December 31st: Happy New Year, everyone! This marks the end of three years of Patchwork Champions, and what a third year it has been. Year Four should be exciting - you'll get to see a war, a dimensional disaster in the making, and just maybe what all the fuss is about! Plus there'll be a wedding, a few old faces returning, and we'll see if I can find time to fit in Jim's origin story. And Phil's.

Friday, December 26th: Still no power cord, but updates resume nonetheless. :D

Friday, December 19th: I'm declaring a surrender and calling for the holidays. Serials will resume on Friday, December 26th.

Monday, December 15th: It's just one thing after another. I need to buffer better. Anyway, my laptop is currently powerless due to my leaving the power cord at a friend's house, and the unexpectedness of that plus bad planning means no update. Hopefully Wednesday will be fine. *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, December 10th: Today's update will be delayed. In the mean time, enjoy three new Encyclopedia entries: Frere Jacques, Minion, and Time Travel.

Wednesday, December 3rd: Today's update will be delayed, but present. Expect it this afternoon.


Friday, November 21st: Whoops, forgot to say - my sister is in town, and joy and cameraderie is preventing me from sitting down to the computer for long periods and writing. Everything resumes Monday, with my deepest apologies.

Monday, November 17th: In other news, I still hate writer's block. However, I have a solution of sorts. On days when I can't figure out a story plot, I will add at least one thousand words to the Encyclopedia Superium instead. And today, we have a new massive entry: Excalibur.

Wednesday, November 5th: Tired and sick. Update at some point this afternoon. (But on the flip side, hooray for politics!) UPDATE: And… posted!


Friday, October 31st: I may have been a little hasty in my prior post. I'm temporarily writer's blocked. I know where this storyline ends, I just need to work the bridge out. There may be an update later today if I figure it out; if not, I'll work at it over the weekend and have something by Monday.

Wednesday, October 29th: Writer's Block, my old nemesis, I have defeated you!
Seriously, I'm rapidly coming to learn of a problem with my current style. That problem is that, while I can get through what would have been a week's worth of comics in a single update, I also have to plot five times as much. This was unanticipated, and I didn't notice it as much when I was running a story that I'd been planning for ages. Lately? Noticing it.

Monday, October 20th: And another story bites the dust, unveiling the next major storyline of the setting. Yes, folks, the Antiherores were just Act I…

Wednesday, October 15th: Today's update will be delayed until late afternoon due to me watching election updates all night last night. Also, dammit.

Thursday, October 9th: Thursday is the new Wednesday! There will be another update tomorrow.


Friday, September 19th: We are back in operation. Also, there is a cast update for Lord Mayhem. More cast updates to follow this weekend, I hope.

Saturday, September 13th: It was foolish of me to think that I could update successfully during vacation. I do not have consistant enough time to write, what with the familying and all. Expect a new story on Friday, and a week off until then.

Wednesday, September 10th: So I'm in Victoria, now. Yay! Anyway, expect minor delays for the next week or so as I update on Pacific Time.

Wednesday, September 3rd: Fun fact. If you think you can attend a wedding, and still make a Monday update… you can't. Really. In the future, I'm going to try writing in advance, but I've been a touch busy on that front. So very, very busy.


Monday, August 18th: Geez, I'm bad at Mondays.

Monday, August 11th: Still technically Monday! Hahah! Also, tommorow is my birthday. Scary.
In other news, I have added an Other Links page to the site, which includes links to my other Internet hideouts, and will possibly include random writings that are not Champions-related. Also links to anything I get published.
Finally, I have gone into the forums and posted replies to the month-old comments that I should have taken part in ages ago. July was a very, very busy month, and August is looking to be equally crazy. Wish me luck!

Monday, August 4th: Ok, we are back. We should remain that way.


Monday, July 28th: Alright, here's the story. My cat is very ill; there's a good chance that I won't have her much longer. For obvious reasons, I am finding it difficult to be very funny right now, and haven't been able to write an update. I'm taking the week off to get my head together; Picking Up The Pieces will resume next Monday.
Oddly appropriate name, all things considered.

Wednesday, July 23rd: No update today. Explanation will be forthcoming.

Monday, July 21st: Cast updates were extremely partial. Still underway.

Friday, July 18th: And with this mysteriously foreshadowing entry, Tear The World Apart has ended. I will try to update the Cast listings over the weekend. :)

Friday, July 11th: Short update, but it totally exists. Hahah!

Tuesday, July 8th: Urrggh. Heavy work week + busy weekend + absurd heatwave = a tangled mass of useless writing that's un-put-uppable. There will be an update Wednesday, once I kick grammar's ass.


Monday, June 30th: Aren't you lucky folks. Faced between two short updates and one massive one, I went with the long one. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 25th: Alright, I have a new laptop, and new office software, and everything is happy. Updates should be working normally until the next disaster hits. ;)

Saturday, June 21st: Happy Solstice!

Friday, June 20th: Today's update will be delayed; my house got burglarized earlier in the week, and while I got the Wednesday update up in time, I wiped myself out running around and dealing with the various chores that it caused. I'll be writing the sequence and uploading it at some point on Saturday, instead. No update shall be missed! ;)

Monday, June 9th: It seems to be Mondays that screw stuff up around here. The serial is written - however, it is at home, and I am at work, because I went to watch Battlestar after writing it and then forgot to upload it. It will be up this evening. *UPDATE* The serial is now up! Also up is a Superium entry, Devouring Darkness.

Monday, June 2nd: Delay in updating today, due to my not being able to access the site last night. Everything should be uploaded properly now. Cheers!


Friday, May 30th: And, all comic stories from the old days are now fully summarized here. This will probably not happen for continuing serials, since that seems a little silly to me. Unless someone chimes in and tells me differently.

Also, it has just occured to me that I need to find tracking software this weekend, since I have no idea what my traffic is like over here.

Wednesday, May 28th: The updates roll along. Also, if you are new to the site, all of the comic stories from 2006 have now been summarized. The other storylines will be summarized by Friday, I hope. This will depend a bit on how much time I have.

Monday, May 26th: First update ever! The first update, however, is a bit short. I was shooting for 500 words in the planning stage. Seeing it up, it looks too short by far. I will be shooting for 1000 word updates going forwards; those should provide a bit more meat to them.

This being the dawn of my serial stories, advice and suggestions based on what's up are very much welcome! I expect there'll be a bit of shifting before I settle into the new routine, so don't be afraid to add to it. ;) - Friv

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