Vital Statistics

Real Name: Danielle Sanderson
Origin: Blessed to the moon goddess as a child
Position: Field Agent, Superhuman Enforcement Agency
Date of Birth: May 1st, 1976

Powers: Invisibility, sight-based illusions
First Appearance: #193 - Year-End Retrospective


As a young girl, Danielle's mother, a talented superhero in her own right, gave her daughter a series of moon-blessings. As she aged, these blessings manifested as raw super-powers. Danielle soon joined the S.E.A., determined to use her abilities to actually protect the world, instead of playing at hero the way that she felt most supers did.

Moonbeam was assigned to Grovedale in 2007, where she became its first SEA representative. Despite some early friction, she gradually became friends with the Champions. She died during Rex Mundi's takeover of the world at the beginning of 2010, but survived long enough to save her fellow agent Blastwave from Psiborg.


Danielle is quick to jump to conclusions, and tends to be bossy, but has a kind heart and is friendly once you get past her standoffish exterior. She often takes comments as challenges, and is usually mildly dismissive of most heroes.

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