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Minion: In the context of the New York Accords, a Minion is the second tier of villain, one not legally allowed to carry out heists or plan major schemes by themselves, but who is legally qualified to act as a lieutenant for a Mastermind and to guide the much less impressive Mooks that such villains hire. The purpose of the minion is to provide quality support for a mastermind, while sheltering under their master's wing and advancing in his shadow - most masterminds consider themselves to be failures if they do not have at least two minions, and some have been known to have as many as five or ten.


Like all villainous and heroic legal definitions, minions were defined during the New York Accords, as the villains present at the accord sought to formalize their much more hierarchical system counter to the more free-flowing teams that heroes organized into. By doing so, and by strictly limiting the long-term consequences for minions, they hoped to make such subsidiary roles more attractive to the casually cruel or part-time psycopaths that might otherwise choose to avoid the practice of villainy altogether.

On the other hand, heroes found it useful to have such classifications because it meant that they knew who they could hit, and how often. This ended up working out quite well for them.

Rules and Limitations

Generally, minions are exempted from the most high-tier punishments and benefits of being a villain. The most dramatic example of this is that a minion engaged in a legal heist is forbidden from being imprisoned for more than a 24-hour period, which means that most heroes prefer to simply beat them up and leave them to face next time. However, minions are forbidden from planning their own heists except under special circumstances, usually relating to their masterminds being out of commission in one way or another.

Exact rules on what is required to be a minion vary from nation to nation, but they are usually free to choose their own employment, and require less training and lower marks than a full-blown mastermind. On the other hand, minions must pass through a full schooling career at a villainous Academy, unlike the much more cut-rate mooks that they usually are allowed to boss around. Minions must be registered superhumans.

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