Meredith Black

Name: Meredith Black
Affiliations: Magisters (Human Resources Support)

Appearance: Meredith is a young woman, usually formal and businesslike, with dark blonde hair tied back tightly and pale eyes. She wears formal suits when on duty, but prefers looser dresses and skirts in her personal time, and carries herself with poise.

Background: Meredith’s background has not been explored. She is an SEA support agent assigned to the Magisters by Director Lee.

Personality: Meredith is superficially friendly, but rarely opens up fully – when she does, she is cheerful and prone to chatter, but with most people she is fairly quiet. She doesn’t like to speculate, preferring to have all the information, and is distinctly uncomfortable with anything that she can’t explain – which is everything, lately.

Powers: Meredith does not have any superpowers, unless a particularly good memory counts. She has some combat training and significant office training, and often fills in as a coordinator on complicated missions, but otherwise spends her time dealing with the team’s logistics and supply issues.

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