Name: Melchior
Alias: Mel
Affiliation: The Mythica

Appearance: Melchior is an older man, with greying brown hair cut short and pale grey eyes. He wears anachronistic robes, lined with inside pockets that allow him to store his many magical trinkets, and carries a large oak walking stick. Onlookers might be forgiven for thinking he was on his way to a Lord of the Rings convention.

Background: Unknown. Melchior is the senior lieutenant of Fenris both in age and in the years he has spent with his liege-lord, but it seems unlikely that he is old enough for his anachronistic behaviour to make sense from that standpoint.

Personality: Melchior is humble and ingratiating to those he considers more powerful than himself, polite to equals, and arrogant to inferiors, but speaks with dry wit regardless. He tends to assume that those around him will follow his orders, with the obvious exception of Fenris. With his master, Melchior adopts a quiet demeanor, suggesting courses of action and deftly managing his impulsive leader.

Powers: Melchior has the ability to directly manipulate magical energies, which he commonly shapes into shields against both physical and magical assaults or uses to move objects telekinetically. He can also use this ability to study magical objects by pulling on their energies, helping him to better understand them and occasionally alter their functions.

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