Mayor Thompson

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Gregory Thompson
Date of Birth: October 1st, 1945
Position: Mayor of the City of Patchwork City

First Appearance: #12 - No Corruption Whatsoever


Mayor Thompson has been the mayor of Patchwork City for over ten years, and has lived in politics for most of his life. He was a city councillor before becoming mayor, and the Student Council president from before that. As mayor, he thrives mainly on the near-total lack of opposition in every major election, buoyed by a very basic level of competency, an astoundingly apathetic voter base, and occasional major acts of voter fraud (alleged).


Gregory mixes a no-nonsense approach to politics with relentless pandering to special interests, along with a rodent-like sense of exactly how much graft he can get away with. In short, he is a terrible person, and an excellent mayor. He is also perfectly willing to contract out jobs to the Evil Business that lives in his town; in fact, Malefico is by far the largest business in Patchwork City, so this is probably a good idea.


  • Mayor Thompson once had a chair made entirely of money
  • The mayor keeps a framed full-sized portrait of himself in his office.
  • Contrary to certain reports, the mayor does not actually glow red when furious.
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