Vital Statistics

Real Name: Nadia Tyler
Origin: Gained control of Atlantean-powered magitech power suit
Date of Birth: March 3rd, 1981

Powers: None. Suit formerly granted super-strength, flight, and mild resistance to psionic forces.
First Appearance: #65 - Inside Job


Nadia Tyler was a low-income waitress working downtown when her friend Todd cooked up a plan to steal power suits from Dr. Ecchs and sell them for a tremendous profit. Nadia liked the idea of theft from a crook, and went along with it - when her boyfriend, Don, changed the plan to theft, she went along more reluctantly, finally quitting in disgust and helping to put him in jail. She then began serving parole on the Champions, as the superhero Mayfly.

Midway through 2008, Nadia's Mayfly suit was destroyed after a severe combat with the supervillain Dragonfly. Unable to continue as a superhero, she became the team's official assistant until late in 2009, when she successfully acquired a new, upgraded suit formerly belonging to Dragonfly during a battle against the Oligarchs.


Nadia doesn't think things through nearly often enough, but she is good-hearted and kind, and she doesn't worry too much about what people think of her. Her primary flaw is her natural tendancy towards dependance. Lately, she has been trying to work harder to consider her actions before she takes action, knowing that not thinking things through has gotten her in trouble in the past.

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