Malefico Locations

The following is a list of locations in the Malefico head offices, arranged by floor.

First Floor

  • Reception: The reception area includes elevators, marble floors, an open-concept ceiling that rises three stories, and lots of greenery.

Unknown Floor

  • Storage Labs 1-3: The site of Dr. Ecchs' failed or non-useful experiments. These labs are much sparser since the Witch Doctor stole, and subsequently lost, most of their contents.
  • * Former Contents: Atlantean tech-based power suits (4)
  • The List Of Things Doctor Ecchs May Not Play With The Fabric Of (As of 2008, this list included the following: The Heart, Quilts, Phil, Titanium, Society, and Time)

Top Floor

  • Doctor Ecchs' Office: This posh office contains a massive viewscreen, oddly situated behind the Doctor's desk, a colorful shrub, several cabinets, and the Doctor's large mahogany desk, which has a built-in computer suite and speakerphone. It also contains a laser that the doctor can activate from his desk.
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