Vital Statistics

Real Name: Adam Murray
Origin: Granted Mystical Powers
Position: Superhero, Justicar
Date of Birth: July 7th, 1958

Powers: Incredible grasp of magical power.
First Appearance: #192 - Broken Dreams


Adam Murray was a focused and driven man, convinced that the world was out to get him. If no one would help him, he reasoned, he would help himself. Learning magic, he became the Warlock, a powerful supervillain who stole whatever he needed - but he did his best not to hurt people while doing it, reasoning that he had no need to increase the world's suffering beyond what he needed to prosper.

The All-American Man changed his mind, convincing him that the world was worth fighting for. Adam shed his supervillain trappings and became the Magister, the dark horse of the Justicars. The Magister was always willing to go just a few steps farther than his companions - having seen firsthand what evil was capable of, he was more willing to take a hard line to stop it. But he also appreciated innocence and justice to a strong degree. In the end, he was killed by Judgement, trying to defend others that the Antihero was trying to kill.

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