Lucky Lad

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Lucky Ladd
Origin: Natural super
Date of Birth: May 21st, 1978

Powers: Able to alter causality in order to gain incredible good luck.
First Appearance: #1 - A Warm Welcome


Lucky was basically destined to be a superhero. His father (Derek Ladd) is a famous superhero as well - the teleporter known as Nightlord - and his mother (Beatrice Ladd) a high-powered attorney; the two live in Chicago. As a teenager, he underwent a phase of rebellion against his parents and enrolled in the Institute of Applied Villainy; a currently un-expanded-upon event involving other villains shook him off the path, and Timebender convinced him that his nature was such that he was meant to be a superhero. The two of them founded the Patchwork Champions in 2003, and he remained with them since, although he was absent for a year due to an existential crisis.


Lucky projects himself as a lighthearted and optimistic young man, prone to easygoing humour and a general attempt to charm his way through most situations. He tends to avoid serious problems due to his luck powers, and displays a rose-tinted view of the world. In truth, however, he is a deeply torn person, always unsure if good things that happen to him are due to his own capabilities or his powers of luck. This creates a dark undercurrent to his personality, one that is willing to take extreme measures if he feels they are necessary, and one that sometimes worries that the hero he has become is less the real him than the villain that he once was.

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