Lord Mayhem

Vital Statistics

Real Name: Joshua Smythe-Vallen
Origin: Magical Imbuing
Date of Birth: October 9th, 1941

Powers: Able to generate and maintain elemental lightning, and subsidary lightning-based magics
First Appearance: Tear The World Apart, Part 22: Council of Darkness


A villain of the old school, Joshua was born to a British soldier in China, deployed there during World War II. He inhereted the power of the Raijin Sphere at his birth, when the former owner, a friend of Joshua's father, was killed fighting the Japanese. Joshua grew up with an instinctive understanding of magical energies, and the ability to see elemental sprites.

Joshua's family returned to England when he was young, and he grew up arrogant in the belief of his natural superiority. Over the course of the 1960s and 1970s, his ever-growing plans to prove his abilities to the world landed him in a series of increasingly violent encounters with local superheroes. Ultimately, he retired from the villain life in the early 80s, after the New York disaster and subsequent Accords made life for a supervillain in England as difficult as in the United States.

Joshua was lured out of retirement by Rex Mundi, who offered him a shot at actual world supremacy. For now, Lord Mayhem is back in the limelight.


Lord Mayhem is utterly ruthless, but also has a strong chivalrous streak and sense of proper etiquette that has helped and hindered him over the years. Old-fashioned but charming, he sometimes has difficulty reminding himself that many of the conservative and traditional rules he grew up with are no longer in fashion, but he does his best.

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