Vital Statistics

Real Name: Unknown
Origin: Exposed to a massive superpower battle in the womb
Date of Birth: April 1st, 1965
Position: Antihero Assasin

Powers: Can block all forms of natural and pseudotech powers; can knock out non-supers with her power aura.
First Appearance: #135 - She's Deadly Serious


Lockdown was an up-and-coming superhero when New York was destroyed; those superheroes who met her had predicted a bright and glorious career for her. But when the city was destroyed, killing many of her idols, she saw a darker world beneath the veneer, and something inside her snapped. Determined to prevent the events of New York from occuring again, she was one of the first former heroes to sign on to Judgement's formation of the Antiheroes, and was present in their first major battle. She spent the next twelve years fighting for the Antiheroes, soon ranked third in the S.E.A.'s list of Most Dangerous Antihero Agents, before finally being ignominiously killed by Lucky Lad when she attempted to assasinate the President of the United States.


Lockdown was ice cold and ruthless, a woman who was utterly dedicated to Judgement and his ideal world. She had no life outside of her Antihero career, and completely extinguished any traces of compassion or remorse for her actions over the years of her activities.

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