List Of Known Malefico Plots

The following incidents are listed in chronological order.

Dated Supervillainy

Atomic Noodle Incident: (late 2003- early 2004) Little is known about this event. It was early in Malefico's activities, it began when they tried to blackmail the Champions into stealing from a bank, and it led to the end of cars driving near the building.

Subatomic Transpolarizer: (January 2006) A plot to polarize every atom in Patchwork City, and live off the subsequent blackmail money to prevent the city's destruction. Stopped by the Patchwork Champions overloading the machine.

The Laser House: (March 2006) They built an awful lot of lasers on to a condemned building, tried to extort money from the city, let the Champions blow it up, and collected on the demolitions contract. Plan success!

The Robotosoldat: (April 2006) An attempt to conquer the city using an army of World War I-themed german robot soldiers.

Taking Over The City's Name: (June 2006) Doctor Ecchs created an obvious fraud name during the city's Naming Contest. He then copywrighted another name and used fradulent votes to get it chosen as the main name. This plan was foiled when Lucky uncovered the fact that the name Paradise Springs was trademarked.

Detonating All Of Their Prototypes To Destroy The Witch Doctor's Fleet Of Vans That Were Stealing Them: (August 2006) Basically what it says on the tin.

Constructing A Zombie Robot Ninja Tree: (October 2006) This plan went disasterously badly, as the tree in question quickly escaped.

Reality Bubble Scheme: (November 2006) This plan, which involved testing Doctor Ecchs' ability to make tiny modifications to reality, ended with him tricking The Witch Doctor into signing forms that then reverted back to their original forms, allowing Doctor Ecchs to gain control of Diabolico.

Reality Transformation Scheme: (February 2007) This plan was based on rewriting reality so that Timebender was evil. It created a world where she ruled everything, and only ended when Ecchs successfully reversed the effect, restoring reality to normal. It also created Hazard.

The Dumbifer: (April 2007) Doctor Ecchs attempted to make everyone in the city stupid in order to make himself seem smarter. Every day. For a week and a half. It ended with his arrest.

The Fire-Breathing Wombats: (May 2007) Technically a cover-up, Nightshade accidentally unleashed them on the city and then claimed it was deliberate. Ended with the Malefico building on fire. Again.

The Giant Robot: (June 2007) Nightshade and Phil used this giant robot to attack the city. Along the way, they accidentally crushed the Witch Doctor and his army of zombie pirates.

The Zombie Gambit: (October 2007) Doctor Ada Byron officially joins Malefico. In honour of the occasion, Doctor Ecchs unleashes a horde of zombies on the city.

Terror At The Old Mill: (Halloween 2007) Doctor Ecchs attempted to scare a "Mr. Ridley" into selling a mill, for reasons unexplained. This involved dressing up as a swamp monster.

The Big Game: (November 2007) The Champions, along with the mayor, Ash, Moonbeam, Josh, and Mr and Mrs Smith, play a game of baseball against Malefico. The Champions won.

Unspecified Projects

Plan B: (various) Credit card fraud. Plan B is always Credit Card Fraud.

The Royal Jam Plot: (Before 2007) Never speak of that again.

The Tree Bomb Plot: (Before 2007) A disaster of epic proportions.

Legal Projects

Valhalla Mix: (late 2005-early 2006) A flavour of ice cream that included crystallized mead and chunks of pork. Not a huge success.

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