List Of Doctor Ecchs' Inventions

Currently Active

  • A device that allows Rex Mundi to control narrative law
  • Rocket Boots
  • Some sort of device that grows back hair really fast
  • The Ultiminions.
  • A mobile aerial platform
  • A horde of fire-breathing wombats
  • A hologram generator (badly dysfunctional)

Currently Inactive

  • A raygun that alters reality such that whomever is struck by it was always extremely evil.


  • A Laser-Filled Building
  • The first Mayfly power suit, confiscated by Mayfly before being destroyed in battle with Dragonfly.
  • The Robotosoldat (remnants were upgraded to ninja robots)
  • Ninja Robots (remnants were upgraded to Ultiminions.
  • The Subatomic Transpolarizer
  • The Dumbifer
  • A giant robot on treads.

Under the Control of Others

  • The Blackfly, Dragonfly, and Firefly power suits (in conjuction with The Witch Doctor), using Atlantean technology and magical connection points. Confiscated by the SEA as evidence.
  • Ash, currently under the control of himself.
  • Tony the Tendril Monster, currently a Benign Entity
  • Kaniessa, currently under arrest by the SEA and formerly the secretary of The Witch Doctor.
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