Other Links

Other Links

I'm a busy guy, and I do way the hell too much, mainly because I have a hard time keeping my interest focused on one area at a time. With that in mind, there are a few areas of the Internet that I tend to haunt, along with a few other written things I've worked on or with that, if you like this, you may feel like checking out. I have arranged them below.

Also below will be a few writing pieces I did for places that are now defunct; there were some reviews, a couple of vaguely humourous things that will never be published, that sort of thing. Those will be technically posted here, but since they have nothing to do with Patchwork Champions, they go on this page.

Personal Writing Elsewhere

My Freedom Stone Index - This page is a list of fiction I wrote for fun, which is set mostly in various RPG settings. Sort of RPG fanfiction, or at least fan-setting-fiction. I don't know how required the settings themselves are; I didn't work very hard to make them not.

Published Writing

Bloodlines: The Chosen, by White Wolf Publications - One chapter written by me.

Dancers in the Dusk, by White Wolf Publications - partially written by me.

RPG Hobby Writing

My Exalted Wiki Page
My World Of Darkness Wiki Page
My old, defunct Geocities page

Other Places I Frequent

My LiveJournal account
Roleplay Online - My screenname there, shockingly, is Friv.
Who's Da Boss - An online Who Would Win In A Deathmatch tournament. My favorite so far: Pie VS The Lollipop Guild.

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