Vital Statistics

Real Name: Eric Smith
Origin: Gained a robot suit
Position: Justicars Hero
Date of Birth: July 13th, 1949

Powers: Control over a robotic power suit granted him flight, enhanced strength and speed, telescopic vision and a variety of specialized sense.
First Appearance:


Not much is actually known about Eric Smith's background. His parents were ordinary people, and never became aware of their son's secret lifestyle. He acquired a robot suit when he was only twenty years old, and felt a responsibility to use it to protect people. This continued for eleven years, until he hung up the suit permanently after discovering that his wife Skyscraper, the main reason that he continued to hero, had had an affair with The All-American Man. He adopted her twin daughters, Amber and Nina, and raised them as his own after her death.


As Knightshine, Eric tried to present a gallant and cheerful face to the world, but he was quickly bowed by the pressure of the position, and few of his friends were very surprised when he ultimately chose to pass his suit on to another hero (this never ended up happening, as the Justicars were still carefully choosing who to give the suit to when it was destroyed along with the rest of New York.)

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